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How to save a ton on Passover shopping right now (without clipping a coupon)

Ok, here's a very, very simple tip that will save you a bundle on your Passover shopping.  I know that you don't want to think about it now, as we are just a few days away from Purim and we can only deal with one holiday at a time, right?

Actually, well, no.  The sooner you pivot yourself around and get your Pesach shopping underway, the more money you will save and the happier and calmer you will be.

So here's how to save that money:

Buy your kosher meat and poultry now, before Purim.  Fill up your freezer.

That's it.

Many of us have a ton of guests for Passover, and so many of our dinners are meat- and poultry-based meals.  But kosher meat and poultry prices usually go up astronomically the day after Purim.  Do you know why kosher vendors do that?  Because of supply and demand.  Because we are mentally programmed to be okay about spending more on everything right before Pesach.  Because kosher consumers will wake up and start shopping for Passover after Purim has passed because they can't deal with it before.

But we can deal with it.  Clean out your freezer and stock up on your kosher meat and poultry now and you will save a ton.  (Plus, you will have the bonus of having already cleaned out your freezer for Pesach, yay!)

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