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Five Basic Passover Small Kitchen Appliances for less than $100 TOTAL

When it comes to purchasing small kitchen appliances for Passover/Pesach, there are two basic schools of thought:
  1. You don't need top-of-the-line, best-brand expensive appliances because Pesach is only one week out of a year.

  2. You still want to get top-brand appliances because even though Pesach is only one week, these appliances will get a ton of use with all the enormous meals (i.e. Seders), extra guests and family, etc.  Also, you don't want to be replacing appliances from year to year.  And you certainly don't want to buy off-brand junk.
I think both of these opinions have strong merit.  I don't recommend getting top-of-the-line appliances for Pesach, but I don't believe in getting junk that will do half the job either.

For example, why drop $400 on a Passover Kitchen Aid mixer?  You're not going to be using it for heavy duty challah dough.  You are, however, going to probably be making twice as many cakes as you normally do.  That's why for Pesach, I personally opt for middle-of the-line brands, like Hamilton Beach and Oster.  These are solid name brands that have been around forever, with very well-priced appliances that are warrantied and tested.

If you're making a seder at home for the first time, or you're finally stocking your very first Pesach kitchen, or you're just getting tired of grating 20 lbs. of potatoes by hand year after year, I know the quandary of buying new Passover appliances.  I also know that you've got supertight budgets for Pesach.  I'm right there with you, believe me.

All that said, here are five basic Passover kitchen small appliances, all told totaling $99.22.  All of these were rated 4 stars or higher on Amazon. These are not going to suit everyone's needs; you might need a larger food processor or a stand mixer, or whatever, but I wanted to to realize that you can stock a Pesach kitchen with small appliances for under a hundred dollars.  Remember that online prices, especially on Amazon, can change very easily, and that these prices are good NOW.

Amazon has got this Hamilton Beach 8-cup food processor for $26.87 with free Prime shipping.  It got 4.3 out of 5 stars over 574 customer reviews and is an "Amazon's Choice" item.  I used to grate most things by hand for Pesach, but it's just exhausting and time consuming. I use my Pesach food processor for potatoes, horseradish, onions, and for making fresh almond milk and almond butter as well.
This Oster 4-slice toaster oven is perfect for quick dairy Pesach meals (hello, matzoh pizza!) and is priced at $19.99 with free Prime shipping from Amazon.  It got 4.0 out of 5 stars over 621 customer reviews and is an "Amazon's Choice" item.

Amazon has got this Hamilton Beach 5-quart red slow cooker for $24.41 with free Prime shipping.  It got 4.5 out of 5 stars over 221 customer reviews and is an "Amazon's Choice" item. Slow cookers are awesome for soups, meat and chicken stews (especially if you haven't finished kashering your oven yet) and for quinoa chulent.

Amazon has got this Ovente Immersion Blender for $14.99 with free Prime shipping.  It got 4.3 out of 5 stars over 35 customer reviews. Immersion blenders are great for thickening soups the natural  way, with vegetables or meats.

Finally, Amazon has got this Hamilton Beach hand mixer with a snap-on case for $12.96 with free Prime shipping.  I  It got 4.2 out of 5 stars over 1,337 customer reviews and is an "Amazon's Choice" item. A mixer is an absolute MUST for Pesach.

Remember, these prices are  always subject to change, so keep this in mind when you are shopping.

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