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What to do if you ordered the set of service for 25 "Looks-Like-Real" Disposable Plates, posted here last month

Back on August 15, I posted what I thought was a killer deal: a set of service for 25 "Looks-Like-Real" disposable plates and silverware priced at $6.60 and free shipping with a promo code.  Literally hundreds of these sets were bought by Daily Cheapskate readers.

Then, after the sales were done, the vendor did something highly, highly unethical.  He changed the description of the set from "TEXXIS Disposable Plastic Dishes Round Plate Tray Wedding Party Supplies Tableware Dish & Tray Dispensers" to "TEXXIS 6pcs Disposable Plastic Dishes Round Plate Tray Wedding Party Supplies Tableware Dish & Tray Dispensers" and instead of sets of service for 25, he has been shipping out sets of 6 salad plates.  So he has swapped in 6 salad plates instead of what we all ordered:  25 dinner plates, 25 salad plates, 25 forks, 25 knives, 25 spoons. Unbelievable and incredibly unethical.

I posted this deal in good faith, and in nearly ten years of publishing deals for Daily Cheapskate, I have never seen a vendor exhibit this level of unethical business behavior. Fortunately, he is an Amazon vendor, so you've got Amazon backing you up.  Amazon has got the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee, which "protects you when you purchase items sold and fulfilled by a third-party seller." Amazon has got some of the best customer service in the world and will protect you from fraudulent vendors like this one. I want to help any of you who ordered these sets get your money back. Here's what I advise you to do once your order is delivered:

Immediately initiate a return, the reason being "Wrong item was sent."  In the Comments section, write (in your own words) "I ordered a set(s) of service for 25 (125 pieces).  After the order was submitted, the vendor engaged in unethical business practice and changed the description to reflect 6 salad plates, and then shipped me 6 salad plates, versus the service for 25 that I actually ordered. I would like to return this for a full refund, and since the vendor did not send what I ordered, I would like a label to cover the return shipping.  Please note I have the screenshots to prove what I ordered. Thank you."

After you initiate the return, you need to wait to hear from Amazon, who will forward your return request to the vendor. Or, you can speak to an Amazon Customer Service Representative (CSR) via chat immediately.  I always prefer chatting with an Amazon CSR as opposed to calling, because the conversation is recorded and you can request a copy of the transcript before ending the chat.  Ask the CSR where you can email the screenshots that prove that you ordered service for 25 vs the 6 salad plates that you received.

Sometimes that CSR will tell you that you need to contact the vendor and try to work something out with him before the A-to-Z Guarantee refund can kick in.  That's fine, but it will mean a little extra legwork on your part.  The vendor seems to be located in China, and his English is not always intelligible.  He might offer you a discount on the price you paid; I would advise you not to accept it, as it's not worth it for the quantity of plates sent.

Once you are done corresponding with the vendor, I am hoping that you will be approved for a full return and refund.  I recommend being extremely polite and patient with both the Amazon CSR and the vendor.  Do not lose your temper or get emotional.

Here are the screenshots of what you originally ordered:

You can save these to your computer or phone and then forward them to Amazon Customer Service to help reinforce your claim. Hopefully, Amazon will process your refund as soon as possible. From what I've heard so far, most people who ordered this need to correspond with the vendor first and then, after a few back-and-forth volleys, receive a full refund.

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