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Get 3 games (adult and children) for the price of 2 on Amazon

Buy 3 games from this selection on Amazon, and the least expensive one will be free.  (Also includes some video games.) This discount works in increments of 3, so if you buy three, then one is free; if you buy six, then 2 are free; if you buy nine, then 3 are free, etc.

Prime members: get 4-month 99 cent magazine subscription on Amazon

Through 10/30/18, Amazon is offering its Prime members 4-month subscriptions to these magazines for only 99 cents.

This offer is limited to new subscribers to these magazines only.

These subscriptions are set to auto-renew after the 4-month subscription is over, but you can easily shut that down in a click.  Right after you subscribe, under your Amazon account, click on the Manage Magazine Subscriptions link, find the name of the magazine you just subscribed to and de-select the auto-renewal option.  Voila, no more auto-renewal!  Pretty easy to do, and it allows you to take advantage of a great subscription price offer.

Includes these titles:


FREE downloadable full-color Passover Bingo Game

Once again this year, with much gratitude to Art by Dena, I am posting the link here to this beautiful, full-color, hand-drawn Passover bingo game for kids.  It includes 30 game cards and two call sheets. It's sure to keep kids focused during the seder and YomTov meals (and to start some wonderful, chinuch-y dialogues), as they try to fill up their cards with all of the important themes of Pesach.

Please click here to read the game description and then go over here to request the file from the very talented Dena Ackerman.  Be sure and tell her that you found her through Daily Cheapskate.  Make sure you like Dena's FB page as well.

Depending on what kind of printer you have, you can either print the game on heavy stock, or glossy photo paper, or print it on plain paper and then laminate it.  You can also print it on plain paper and then glue it to heavy cardboard or even finished plywood.   Or you can print several copies on plain paper and save the file for future use and reprinting.  For bingo chips, you can use pistachio nuts, or make your own chips, or just pick up a cheap pack of bingo chips over here.

"Looks Like Real" disposable flatware deals at Amazon and Target

Amazon has got some great deals on "Looks Like Real" disposable flatware, perfect for Passover.

Many of these deals will show shipping on 4/19/20, after Passover, so if you absolutely must have it for Pesach, don't order now.  However, I'm finding that everything that I've ordered with a delayed delivery time is arriving within 4 to 5 days, so if you're feeling lucky, go ahead and order (my reasoning is that I can always use these for Sukkot.)

Occasions 160-piece Black and Silver Wedding Plastic Silverware (assorted, with double forks), $19.90 with free shipping12 cents per piece.

Occasions 160-piece White and Silver Wedding Plastic Silverware (assorted, with double forks), $19.90 with free shipping. 12 cents per piece.

Occasions 160-piece Gold Coated Heavyweight Wedding Plastic Silverware (assorted, with double forks), $18.90 with free Prime shipping.  12 cents per piece.

Occasions 160-piece Silver Coated Heavyweight Wedding Plastic Silverware (assorted, with double forks), $13.90 with free Prime shipping9 cents per piece

Occasions 160-piece Vintage Silver Heavyweight Wedding Plastic Silverware (assorted, with double forks), $16.99 with free Prime shipping11 cents per piece.

Posh Setting 160-piece Glamour Collection Heavyweight Polished Silver Plastic Silverware (assorted, with double forks), $19.99 with free Prime shipping12 cents per piece.

This is not an Amazon deal, but worth looking at. I ordered this for the last two years and I was very impressed with the quality.  Target has got this 60-count Spitz Gold Cutlery for $5.00.  You can also get the 60-count Spitz Silver Cutlery for $5.00 as well8 cents per piece.

If you've got a Target RedCard (and if you don't, you really need to get one because RedCards are awesome money savers), you will save 5% on these sets, bringing the price down to $4.75.  Shipping is free with either a $35 minimum order, or with using your RedCard as your payment method (no minimum), or it's $5.99 flat-rate shipping.  You can also opt for free in-store pickup.

What to Feed Your Pet on PASSOVER (2020 version)

DISCLAIMER AND CREDIT:  I am not a halachic authority (nor do I play one on tv). All the lists and guidelines mentioned here came from two excellent halachic sources. I consolidated as much as possible and tried to copy verbatim whenever I could, but please doublecheck with these guides before purchasing any Passover-approved pet food:
These lists are good only for Passover 2020 ONLY.  I urge you to consult with your local halachic authority and not to rely on Rabbi Internet for any halachic questions you might have regarding pet food on Pesach. 

On Passover/Pesach, according to halacha (Jewish law), a Jewish person may not even "derive benefit" from chametz, which means that while your pets do not need to keep kosher, you may not feed them food containing chametz on Pesach. You many, however feed them food containing kitniyos, such as rice or corn (even though Ashkenazic Jewry has a very strong custom not to eat kitniyos on Passover, but that only applies to people, not dogs).

Per the Star-K, you don't need to buy a new food bowl for your pet on Pesach, but you must wash out your pet's bowl very thoroughly and remove all traces of old food.

The lists below were taken from the two kashrus sources cited above, the CRC and the Star-K.  Even when purchasing a brand name mentioned on this list, make sure to check all labels, and if you see an ingredient that gives you pause, call or email a halachic authority. There should be no chometz listed.

FYI, there are very few reasonably-priced dog treats that are kosher for Passover, so here's what we do.  (This is for gebrokts-eating homes only.) After a meal with chicken soup and matzoh, when we clear the table, we dump all the leftover soup (make sure there are no bones!) into a plastic disposable bowl and then break up all the leftover matzoh into the leftover soup.  The matzoh absorbs the soup. Then we give it in little bits to our dogs as treats.  They love it.  Awesome frugal treat.


Cozy Coupe Anniversary Edition for $37.12 on Amazon

Amazon has got the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Anniversary Edition for $49.00 - $11.88 online coupon = $37.12 with free Prime shipping.

4.7 out of 5 stars over 4,812 customer reviews and an Amazon's Choice item.  (Please note the delayed delivery date.)

  • For generations - 30 years - children have been taking adventure and imagination on the road with one of the original ride on toys-the COZY COUPE
  • New features include removable floor and handle on back for parent controlled push rides
  • Designed with a high seat back and storage in the rear
  • Includes special features like an "ignition switch" and an open-and-close gas cap
  • Cozy rolls on rugged, durable tires, front wheels spin 360 degrees; Made in USA
HT: Chava R. from Denver

Prime Premium Video Channels accessible for FREE via Amazon free trials (both adult and children's programming)

With the Corona-virus lockdowns and quarantines now in full force nationally, lots of people are looking for ways to both pass the time and entertain their kids.  While you can get tons of terrific free content on Prime Video, there is still a great deal of programming available through premium channels only. 

Prime members can sign up for free trials on Amazon to add numerous premium adult and children's channels to their Prime Video access.  Given that most of these Corona-virus lockdowns will be short-term (b'ezrat Hashem), a 7- to 30-day free trial of premium programming is looking like a pretty good deal right now.  Even paying for a month's worth of programming is a pretty frugal deal for now.  You can sign up for free trials of Amazon Prime Video Channels here.  

I personally recommend CBS All Access to watch Picard (for sci-fi/Star Trek junkies), Showtime for the Little Women movie, Cinemax for My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and PBS Masterpiece for Poldark


12 Money- and Sanity-Saving Hacks for Passover Shopping and Prep (updated for 2020)

It's that time of year again and oh, do I feel your pain. But, with a little dose of common-sense-smarts and cleverness, you don't have to spend the equivalent of a mortgage payment on your Passover shopping. Here are twelve tried-and-true hacks for saving money on Passover shopping and preparation.

Bigelow kosher-for-Passover tea, less than $3.00 per box on Amazon

Forget about the traditional Wissotszky Passover tea (or other heimishe brands) that costs upwards of $4.00 per box!  If you've been reading Daily Cheapskate for a while, you might remember that Bigelow makes quite a few varieties of KLP (Kosher La'Pesach or Kosher for Passover) teas, under the Kof-K-P hechsher

There are tons of interesting varieties available and these teas are delicious; I drink their Plantation Mint and Constant Comment flavors year round.  But you don't want to order them from the Bigelow site as they are quite a bit more expensive there. 

However, Amazon has got over a dozen flavors of KFP (kosher for Passover) Bigelow tea in packages of six that are extremely well-priced.  All the Bigelow teas save one listed here are less than $3 per box and there are two flavors that are less than $2 per box. That's even less expensive than many brand name herbal teas are during the year! Lock these in and buy now, as the price often shoots up before Passover.

Make sure you doublecheck for the Kof-K-P on the box itself when the tea arrives, which ensures that it is KFP (kosher for Passover).

If you are ordering this tea for Passover via Subscribe & Save, make sure you adjust the date on Amazon so that it arrives on or before 4/7/20.  Since these come in packs of 6, you can order a few of these with a friend and split them up, so that you each have a flavor variety (or just keep them from year to year or package them up and use them as hostess gifts). 


PASSOVER DEAL: 6 Colgate soft toothbrushes for $4.15 on Amazon

Amazon has got this 6-count pack of Colgate Extra Clean Full Head Soft Toothbrushes for $4.15 or 69 cents per toothbrush.  WOW! Because of this super-low pricing, there is a quantity limit of 6 per account.

You can also purchase these as a Subscribe and Save item and pay anywhere from $3.94 (66 cents per toothbrush) to $3.53 (59 cents per toothbrush).

Amazon suspends Prime Pantry deliveries

Amazon is temporarily suspending its Prime Pantry deliveries in order to meet the incredible demand for grocery and household items, kicked off by the Corona-virus outbreak.

Details are here

PASSOVER DEAL: Set of 50 "Looks Like Real" tableware for $9.99 on Amazon


Amazon has got this set of 50 "Looks Like Real" tableware (includes 25 dinner plates, 25 dessert plates) for $9.99 with free Prime shipping.  At an average price of 20 cents per plate, this is a steal, and an awesome deal for Passover. Choose from 5 designs; most are quantity limited.  Please note the delayed delivery, but it looks like these items are still due to arrive before Passover.