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Purell hand sanitizer now available for purchase on Amazon

Amazon has got this six-count of Purell hand sanitizer for $29.33 with free Prime shipping ($4.89 per 8 oz. bottle). There is quantity limit 3 of each six-count per order.  It is currently out of stock, but you can still order it and that way, you'll be first in line when Amazon restocks.

This is the first time since the pandemic started that I've seen hand sanitizer in order-able status and at a decent price at Amazon.  I hope it's a sign of good things to come, please God.

Amazon gives away 9 free e-books for World Book Day

Celebrate World Book Day 2020 with Amazon by downloading these 9 free Kindle books by Friday, 4/24/20. These books are from different countries and different genres (and include one children's book, as well as one from Israel). Download them now and you will own them always (as opposed to Kindle Unlimited, where your ownership disappears when you no longer pay for the subscription.


No cost, no strings, (no credit card) free 500 hours of HBO during the month of April

Get free HBO during the month of April; no subscription or trial (or credit card!) required.  Details are hereGo to HBO Now and either download the apps or login, and you can just begin watching for free.  Does not require you to sign up for free trial.

14 karat gold Italian openwork heart necklace for $86 with free shipping

Ross-Simons has got this Italian Openwork Heart Pendant Necklace in 14-kt. yellow gold for $86.25 with free shipping, when you enter the promo code TREATYOURSELF at checkout.  Order now; will arrive before Mother's Day.

15% off sitewide at Coach (with promo code), today only!

Today, 4/17/20 only, take 15% off sitewide at Coach.com when you enter promo code TGIF at checkout.  This promo code works also works in the Sale section (so go ahead and treat yourself to a new phone case). Free shipping and extended returns on all orders.

Giraffe Wubbanub Pacifier for $9.52 with free shipping from Nordstrom

Popular Wubbanub Pacifiers NEVER go on sale!  But here's the Giraffe Wubbanub Pacifier for $9.52 with free shipping from Nordstrom with no quantity limits.  Pick up a few for baby gifts!

(Check out Amazon pricing on Wubbanubs here.)


UPDATED FROM LAST YEAR: 8 Tips for Putting Away Your Passover Stuff in a Purposeful, Organized Way (that will make next year's Pesach planning much easier and help keep you sane)

It's been a number of years since I graduated from putting away all my Passover stuff haphazardly to putting it away purposefully, and I am grateful to see how much easier doing it that way made the following year's preparation.

Of course, I don't want to rush you through enjoying the second half of this wonderful Pesach holiday, but the time to start thinking about you will put everything away is actually now.  So just consider it, and then have another piece of chocolate-covered matzoh.   Here we go:


Still need a mask? 2-pack of KN95 masks for $6.89 with free shipping (currently in-stock)

That Daily Deal is currently selling a 2-pack of KN95 masks for $6.89 including shipping. The vendor has informed me that these masks take anywhere from 3-14 days to arrive.

Feel free to share this link: https://bit.ly/maskskn95

Please note, these are not N95 masks; these are KN95 (check here for the difference). Limit ten 2-packs per order. Please only order as many as you actually need.


Set of four KitchenAid Prep Bowls with Lids for $11.99 to $12.72 on Amazon. Order today and they will arrive by Wednesday!

Amazon has got this set of four red KitchenAid Prep Bowls (with lids) for $12.72 with free Prime shipping.  If you order before 2:00 a.m. Eastern, these KitchenAid bowls will be delivered on Wednesday with Prime shipping (and bonus, plastic so no toveling!).   PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK WEBSITE FOR DELIVERY TIME.  (Also, based on my personal experience, everything I have ordered from Amazon so far that has had a delayed delivery time has arrived early.)

You can also get these "aqua sky set" for $11.99 with free Prime shipping, and if you order before 2:00 a.m. Eastern today (4/5/19), these bowls will arrive on Wednesday.  
  • SET OF 4: This set of four prep bowls includes 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-cup sizes, perfect for any kitchen task
  • PLASTIC COVERS INCLUDED: EACH of these bowls feature a clear plastic cover that helps easily identify contents
  • DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: These bowls are made from durable, lightweight plastic; they are made to last
  • EASY TO STORE: These bowls nest together when not in use for easy of storage
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: These mixing/prep bowls are dishwasher safe for fast and easy clean up

REPOSTED FROM LAST YEAR: 7 Super-Simple, Inexpensive Kosher-for-Passover salad spreads (each 4 ingredients or fewer)

One of my "rules" for Passover meals is to keep it simple and get back to basics. Here are seven uncomplicated "recipes" for Pesach-friendly spreads and dips. They each have four ingredients or fewer. Putting these spreads out all at once makes for a great appetizer course. For fun presentation, I like to put them in little glass bowls around the seder plate (with one bowl in the middle). You can serve these with matzoh, KFP matzoh "crackers," or even just plain raw veggies. You will need a KFP food processor to process/puree most of these.

It doesn't get more simple than this.
Avocado and Hearts of Palm:  Open a can of hearts of palm (if they are not already sliced, slice them into coins). Mix with a coarsely chopped ripe avocado, and a few squirts of vinegar/olive oil (or bottled Italian) dressing

Olive Tapenade:  Open two cans of KFP pitted Israeli olives, drain, process until smooth. Add a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil if you need to.

Roasted red pepper spread:  Roast three washed and cored red peppers until just starting to brown.  Process until smooth. Add a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil if you need to.

Hungarian egg salad:  Coarsely chop six peeled hard-boiled eggs. Saute one diced onion and 6 sliced mushrooms in a spoonful of extra-virgin olive oil until light brown, and add onions, mushrooms and most of the oil to the eggs, and toss. (Optional: season with salt, basil and paprika.)

Basic Babaganoush: Peel, slice and roast one large eggplant until light brown. Puree with a teaspoon of lemon juice until smooth.  Add a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil if you need to.

Basic Guacamole:  Puree 2 avocados with a tablespoon of lemon juice and two roasted garlic cloves until smooth.

Mushroom "Pate:" Saute 12 sliced mushrooms with a chopped onion in EVOO for about 10 minutes. Puree with 1/2 cup shelled walnuts until smooth.