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Brag of the Week: lots of free and better-than-free beverages

This week's brag is on my Target beverage run.  Here's what I bought:
  • 6 2-liter bottles of Fresca @ $1.25 = $7.50
  • 4 2-liter bottles of Coke Zero @ $1.25 = $5.00
  • 3 20 oz. bottles of Diet Coke @ $1.59 = $4.77
  • 2 1-liter bottles of Arrowhead sparkling water @ $0.69 = $1.38
  • 3 lbs. of apples = $3.34
Total:  $21.99
I paid $3.10 (sans tax)Check out my receipt over here.

Here's how I did it:
  • Target has an unadvertised sale on 2-liter Coke products: buy-4-get-an-additional-1-free.  I bought 10 of these so I got 2 free without a coupon.  -$2.50
  • I had two Target coupons for buy-4-get-1-additional-free (still available) on 2-liter Coke products, so that gave me another 2 for free.  -$2.50
  • I had four of these $0.99 Coke Zero coupons (still available).  -$3.96
  • I had three $1/2 Fresca "hanger" coupons.  -$3.00
  • I had two $1/1 Arrowhead coupons.  The Target store in Denver actually allows for overages on coupons, so even though the Arrowhead was on sale for $0.69, they gave me the full $1.00 off for each coupon.  So I actually "made" $0.62 off these coupons.  -$2.00
  • I had three free product coupons for the 20 oz. Diet Cokes that I routinely get from MyCokeRewards.  They were expiring at the end of the year, so I had to use them. -$4.77
So my coupons reduced my total by $18.73 to $3.26, which is slightly less than the cost of the apples that I bought.  The apples were the only thing on my shopping list that I did not have a coupon for.  I bought them because 1) er, we were running low on apples 2) I knew my coupons would be more than the cost of the beverages that I bought, so I needed an item to absorb the overage.  My Target RedCard reduced the $3.26 by 5% down to $3.10.  Ta da:  I saved 86% off my total bill.  That's a brag.

Why do I post these brags?  Well, 1) because I'm a little conceited, I guess, but mostly because 2) there is almost nothing that I did on this shopping trip that I didn't first post on DailyCheapskate.  I post these brags to show you that you can get the exact same deals that I do, and do just as well on your shopping trips.

Got brag?  Please send me a picture of your haul and/or a scan of your receipt and I'll be happy to post it.

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