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Whole Foods shows you how to select and slice a pineapple

I have always been whole-pineapple challenged.  I never know how to choose a ripe one and I certainly don't know how to peel and slice it without mangling the thing.  Whole Foods to the rescue.


  1. I cut the top and bottom off and then make rings. Next I use an apple corer to cut the center of each ring. Peel the pineapple slices one at a time with a serrated knife. Now you have lifesaver shaped rings. You can cut chunks or half circles and they are beautiful for a platter of fruit or for individual dessert plates.

    1. Anonymous4/19/2012

      to pick a fresh pineapple- pull on the green leaf in the center, if it comes out easily, then its ripe. cut up w/in 1-2 days or it will rot fast! usually from the bottom up.

      to cut, slice off the top and bottom. then cut into vertical quarters. while standing, cut off the hard middle part (will be a long triangular piece). then lay it peel-side down, cut along off the peel (kinda like a watermelon), then make slices.

      Really pretty platter: put the top part w/ leaves attached in the center and then put the 1/4 pineapple w/ rind at the 12, 3, 6, 9 oclock positions, put other fruits in between.

      can just put the pieces in a tupperware in the fridge; should stay fresh about 5 days.


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