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SOLD OUT: Looks-Like-Real modern rectangular design disposable dishes 75-piece set for $15.35 on Amazon (about half the price of Amazing Savings!)


I am always on the hunt for the "looks-like-real" disposable tableware sets.  I use them almost exclusively over Sukkot and Pesach (and if I'm being honest, I also use them when I'm feeling lazy).  I know my friends have used these for various simchas that they've made.  They are a major step up from regular plastic and paper tableware, but after use, they can go right in the trash.

Until now, the least expensive place to buy these sets has always been Amazing Savings, a small chain of discount stores on the East Coast, that sadly, doesn't sell anything online.  So I've been using their prices as a benchmark for comparison of online prices (see photo below).

Amazon has got this Table To Go "I Can't Believe It's Plastic" 75 Piece Dinnerware Set for $15.35 with free Prime/SuperSaver shipping.  This is well below the Amazing Saving price for this set. The set includes:
  • 25 - 9.5" x 7" dinner plates (Amazing Savings price for 10 = $4.99, so for 25 it would be $12.50.  Please note, these are narrower than what Amazing Savings shows as dinner plates.)
  • 25 - 7" x 6" appetizer plates  (Amazing Savings price for 10 = $3.99, so for 25 it would be $10.00 )
  • 25 - 12 oz. 8" x 6.5" bowls (Amazing Savings price for 10 = $2.99, so for 25 it would be $7.50 )
So the Amazing Savings total price for these dishes would be $30.00, almost twice as much as the Amazon price!

Amazing Savings prices (photo taken in August 2016) on
comparable rectangular "Look-Like-Real" disposable dishes
Terrific deal for Succos/Sukkot!

(BTW, the few reviews on this set complain about quality and cracked dishes.  I ordered these last week. None of the dishes were cracked, and they were all of the same quality as sets I've bought in the past at Amazing Savings.  That's no guarantee that yours will arrive in perfect condition, but I just wanted to let you know that I had a very positive shopping experience with this tableware, as well as other items that I've ordered from Table-to-Go.)

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