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Annual Round-Up of Purim and Shalach Manos/Mishloach Manot Amazon Deals (Part 1)

This year, Purim falls out on the evening of 2/28/18, which means that, we are now officially just a month out from Purim! Here is the first installment of my annual Purim deal roundup that I post each year, with lots of new deals and fresh items.

Amazon is just swimming in great deals on supplies for Purim and for Mishloach Manot AKA Shalach Manos AKA Purim Packages.  (I know some of you can do better at local stores, but we can't all live next to an Amazing Savings, LOL.) Costumes deals will be posted separately.

Please make sure you check the dimensions of the product that you are ordering so that there will be no surprises when it arrives. Pictures can be deceptive; look at measurements.  Some of these bags are meant to hold loose candy/food inside of larger shalach manos containers, so those bags will be much smaller.

In my experience, prices tend to go up rather than down on these containers and bags, the closer we get to warmer weather, so do try to shop early.

How much you spend on your Shalach Manos is a very personal matter. Here's what I do: we divvy our Shalach Manos up into two categories:  fancyshmancy thank-you ones (these go to people who have done us special favors during the year) and en masse ones (these are the smaller one that we give to our friends and the general community).  Passover follows Purim by 4 weeks, and no one wants a ton of junk in their homes on the day after Purim, so we go for quality rather than quantity items in our shmancy ones, and put only 4-5 food items in our en masse ones.  We don't do "themes." It's not our style, I'm not a big baker, and I don't have time to be that creative.

That said, I'm not critical of overly-done Shalach Manos (though they do sometimes make me laugh) because if it gets kids more engaged in Purim and the idea of enjoying giving and sharing, well, that is priceless.  But if you can do the same Mishloach Manot for less by snagging deals on Amazon, why wouldn't you?

Shalach Manos packages tend to generate a ton of trash and waste, so this year (at readers' requests), I've created separate sectiona for reusable bags and containers. Both reusable and disposable bags have their places in busy lives, and I understand the preferences for using either one. Please keep in mind that reusables will be a little pricier than disposables. Almost all of the disposable items here are recyclable. 

I'd love to hear about your Mishloach Manot strategies, so send them on down or even better, post them on the Daily Cheapskate Facebook page.


100-piece blue organza drawstring bags for $10.49 with free Prime shipping (10 cents each).  These are VERY small (but really pretty!), so they are best used for holding loose candy (like jellybeans and the like) inside of a larger Shalach Manos container.

25-count reusable bags that come in 15 different colors for $21.99 with free Prime shipping (88 cents per reusable bag). All the colors are priced the same, except for the grass-green and mint-green which are slightly less expensive at $19.99 with free Prime shipping (80 cents per reusable bag).

12-count Bright Tote Bags for $6.39 with free shipping (53 cents per bag; not Prime so double-check the ship date to make sure it arrives before Purim).

24-count assorted color polka-dotted bags for $9.99 with free Prime shipping(42 cents per bag).

50-count pack of assorted color plastic bags for $5.98 with free Prime shipping ($0.12 per plastic bag). Tissue liner NOT included. IMHO, one of the best Amazon deals out ther for Mishloach Manot.

60-count colorful print gift bags for $22.30 with free Prime shipping (37 cents per bag). (Please note that even though they appear in the photo, there are no tags on these bags.)

12-pack of chevron gift bags for $8.33 with free Prime shipping (69 cents per bag). Tissue paper is not included.


24-count white boxes for $8.34 with free Prime shipping (35 cents per box). These don't come with doilies.

12-count white Fun Express boxes for $7.40 with free Prime shipping(62 cents each).

Mini Treat Boxes (these are small, 3.5", be aware):
More colors of mini treat boxes are here.


 8 Frozen loot bags for $4.94 with free Prime shipping (62 cents per bag).


50-count Travel-themed suitcase boxes for $10.99 with free shipping(22 cents per box; not Prime so doublecheck ship date to make sure it arrives before Purim).

12-count LEGO boxes for $6.78 with free Prime shipping (57 cents per box).


120-count bag of Charleston Chews in vanilla, $11.13 with free Prime shipping (9 cents each). 

60-count of Pirate Booty 1/2 oz. bags for $12.72 shipped with 15% Subscribe and Save discounts(21 cents per bag).

24-pack of 1 oz. bags of Terra Chips, $17.99 less 20% coupon less 15% Subscribe & Save discount = $11.69 shipped  (49 cents per 1 oz. bag).


500-count Reynolds white cupcake liners, $7.06 with free Prime shipping(1-2 cents each).

24-count pack of metallic masks for $5.25 with free Prime shipping (22 cents per mask). 4.3 out of 5 stars over 194 customer reviews.

Gold-wire basket for $4.99 with free Prime shipping for those extra special Mishloach Manot that are also thank you gifts.

500-yard spool of gold curling ribbon, $10.17 with free Prime shipping.

This Chocolate edition of Monopoly is $10.82 with free Prime shipping. (Hashgacha: OK Dairy, Chalav Stam.)

This Chocolate edition of Candy Land is $17.95 with free Prime shipping. (Hashgacha: OK Dairy, Chalav Stam.)

These beautiful Purim coloring pages, a free download from the very talented artist, Ann D. Koffsky (thank you Ann!).  Feel free to download and print these and include them with your Mishloach Manot, or give them to your kids to color!

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