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Great "introductory" deals on gardening sets and children's books

At a number of Daily Cheapskate readers' request, here is a roundup of four offers where the initial "draw-in" introductory/welcome package is a fantastic deal.  In each of these offers, you have no obligation to purchase anything beyond the welcome package, and the instructions are very clear on each site how to un-enroll from these programs, if you so choose.  Again, taking the best advantage of these types of deals is really a question of being organized.  Here we go:

Join the Gardening Made Easy Club and you can receive a great welcome package of 36 gardening cards plus a binder and a really nice 7-piece houseplant gardening tool set (includes snippers, trowel, pruners, spray water bottle, cultivator, transplanter and a canvas tote for $5.95 + $2.99 = $8.94.  Fantastic deal for the gardening tool set.  If you like the welcome package and would like to stay in the program, do nothing and about every three weeks they will automatically send you three brand new Gardening Made Easy Card sets containing 12 Gardening Cards for $7.99 per set, plus $2.99 shipping and handling per shipment.

Get five Dr. Seuss books plus a tote for only $5.95 (free shipping) when you join the Dr. Seuss Book Club.  At $1.19 per book shipped, this is a great introductory deal.  You can also get a bonus deal of three extra books for an additional $7.48, and the shipping is still free. Once you join the club, each month you will receive three more Dr. Seuss & His Friends storybooks to review and enjoy. If you decide to keep them, they are yours for just $4.99 per book plus a small shipping and handling charge.

Get 4 Disney books plus an activity book for just $3.96 (free shipping) when you join the Disney Book club. Join now and get Toy Story 3 and The Lion King for just 0.99 each, then choose 2 more Disney books for 0.99 each and receive a free Activity Book, with free shipping & handling.  There is no obligation to buy anything else, but if you choose to continue in the program, about once each month you'll receive three more storybooks for just $4.99 per book plus shipping and handling.

Join the Baby Einstein club and get a welcome package including three board books and 1 plush book, discovery cards with an attachable ring, and a parent page with tips on how to introduce your baby to language, music, animals, nature and art, for only $5.95 with free shipping.   Cancel anytime with NO purchase commitment. But if you choose to remain with the program, each month you'll receive a Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries set that includes three books, a discovery card set and a parent's card for $3.99 plus shipping.
Again, these welcome packages are all terrific deals and you have no obligation to remain in each of these programs once you've received them.  

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