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6-count Passover Miracle Noodles for $22.05 on Amazon ($3.67 per bag; kosher for Passover)

Amazon has got this 6-pack of Miracle Noodle Angel Hair Pasta (kosher for Passover, OU-P) for as low as $22.05 with free Prime/SuperSaver shipping, which works out to $3.67 per 7 oz. bag.  Here's how the Subscribe & Save pricing works out:
If you're ordering this via Subscribe & Save, make sure you adjust the delivery date so that it will arrive in time for Passover.  If you're unfamiliar with Subscribe & Save deals, or would just like a few tips on how best to use the Subscribe & Save program, read my shpiel on Subscribe & Save strategies here.

Remember that you don't need to be a member of Amazon Prime to get free shipping on ANY Amazon Subscribe & Save deal...shipping is free for anyone.

Shirataki pasta is made with something called konnyaku flour, which isn't flour at all, and comes from a weird kind of Japanese potato.  It has no soy, gluten, cholesterol or calories.  It's definitely an acquired taste, as the texture is different from normal pasta, but it's easy to get used to.

My husband, a real meat-n-potatoes guy, ate shirataki noodles all through his diet (he lost a ton of weight) instead of regular pasta, and they really grew on him.  They basically absorb the flavor of whatever soup or sauce they are in.

In a holiday laden with all kinds of stomach-curdling starch (hello 3,000 matzoh balls), these noodles have been a welcome addition in the past.  They are also compatible with gluten-free diets, so if you're having GF guest, these will work in their soup.  And if you're watching your weight (who isn't?), these are awesome, as they have less than 5 calories per bag.  You could probably burn that off by chewing.

This is absolutely crucial:  make sure you rinse these noodles with cold water in a colander before eating them.  It gets rid of a sort of yucky shirataki pre-taste.  I don't recommend baking with shirataki noodles because of the different texture, but I'll admit that I've never tried it, so if you are culinarily adventurous, here's a recipe for Sweet Shirataki Noodle Pudding with Apples and Almonds for Pesach.

If you have never had these before and are ordering these for Pesach, make sure that 1) when they arrive, they have an OU-P on them, as they advertise. If not, they are NOT kosher for Passover and 2) you adjust your expectations for taste/texture.  Eating these will be a very different experience from eating regular wheat noodles.  I had some DailyCheapskate readers who ordered these last year and were delighted and claimed they would eat them year-round, but there was also one who couldn't take more than one bite and gave away the rest. So if you are adventurous, make sure you adjust your expectations accordingly.
  • Contains 6 -7 ounce bags
  • Wheat, soy and gluten free, kosher for Passover
  • Made of naturally water soluble fiber with no fat, sugar or starch
  • Works well with all major weight loss plans, paleo friendly, great for type II diabetics, celiac and people with high cholesterol
  • Easy to prepare and absorbs the favor of any soup, dish or sauce
Amazon disclaimer:  Amazon prices can change without warning, so make sure you double-check the price at checkout.  If the price goes up any time after this deal is posted, Amazon is not responsible for matching this price.

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