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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Daily Cheapskate Inner Circle

I hope you've been enjoying all the Black Friday and (now, starting,) Cyber Monday deals here on Daily Cheapskate!  I have an exciting announcement.

The Daily Cheapskate Facebook page is now 6,000-plus strong and I'm so very grateful for your engagement and hope to keep it growing still. I love you guys. 

I'm going to be starting a new, private, invitation-only Facebook page, called Daily Cheapskate's Inner Circle.  It will consist of readers who are most engaged and most involved with Daily Cheapskate.  Members of the Inner Circle will have first access to fantastic deals on limited-amount items that I can't post on the general Daily Cheapskate page, as well as various goodies and freebies that I get in amounts too small to share on a larger blog (like Shutterfly codes, Amazon exclusives, free stuff, and some other fun items that I have up my sleeve, etc.).  

Absolutely nothing will change on the regular Daily Cheapskate page.  The Inner Circle will simply provide me with an outlet to share deals that I couldn't share before because they are so limited.  I wish I could invite EVERYONE to the Inner Circle, but then I'd be right back where I started from, LOL.

So while I have a few readers in mind (yes, those of you who have been consistently sharing, liking, commenting, emailing me, etc. it's finally paid off!) for the Inner Circle initial membership round, I'd like to give everyone a chance to get in touch with their Daily Cheapskate extrovert self and gain membership.  At the same time, I'd really like to keep the page membership pretty small, so let's do this.

The first 50 readers who share at least THREE of their favorite Daily Cheapskate deals will get instant membership in the Inner Circle.  You need to share the deals on your Facebook page with "Public" as the privacy setting, and add the tags #DailyCheapskate and #DailyCheapskateInnerCircle to the posts so that I'll be able to track them. That's it.  You can share more than three deals for extra credit, LOL, but three is the minimum.  Please try not to share deals that have expired (though the deals are moving and flying so fast and furious lately, I'll totally understand if that happens).

I'm assuming that if you want to be engaged with Daily Cheapskate on this level, you will have already "liked" the Daily Cheapskate general Facebook page, that you already follow Daily Cheapskate on Twitter, and will have subscribed to at least one of the Daily Cheapskate daily newsletters.  

You must share those three or more deals no later than Midnight PST tomorrow night, at the close of Cyber Monday, to qualify.  If you want to make doubly sure that I see your shares before the deadline, you can email me here and send me the URLs. 

I honestly can't wait to start the Inner Circle. I'm always having to pass on "small" deals and goodies because they just don't work with a larger blog. This is going to be so much fun. I've been planning to start the Inner Circle for months now, and I'm willing to start it with either 5 readers or 50, so the rest is really up to you!

And now we return to our regular Black Friday/Cyber Monday programming....

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