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Prescription glasses with Ray-Ban frames: frames starting at $42, prescription lenses a flat $60 (including bifocals!). All Ray Ban frames 40% off with promo code!

Time to Shade will now be able to fill orders for prescription glasses with heavily discounted Ray Ban Frames, when you click here and enter promo code RXDAILYCHEAPSKATE at checkout.

Normally, online glasses stores will sell you discounted prescription glasses with the cheapest (and least attractive) frames that they have.  It's a way of getting rid of their least desirable frames that won't sell in the store. That's great if you need an extra pair of prescription glasses to keep in the car....cheap, functional, featureless, and hopefully decent looking.

But what if you want to buy a pair of really nice designer prescription glasses?

Time to Shade is offering a selection of Ray Ban frames at a steep discount of 40% off, with our exclusive promo code, RXDAILYCHEAPSKATE The prescription lenses are $60.00 (with the only possible extra charge being $50.00 for a light responsive lens type.  Everything else is included (even bifocal lenses)!  The prescription lenses are 1.59 poly-carbonate with both scratch and anti-glare coating (all included in the $60 price!).

Please note that the 40% promo code discount is on the Ray-Ban frames only and that the lenses are a $60.00 flat-fee (with the only extra being the light-responsive lens type).

A deal like this at any optical store would cost you several hundred dollars; this is easily the best deals I've seen on prescription Ray-Ban glasses out there!

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