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The king of no-brainer ways to get buckets of free stuff from Amazon

UPDATE 8/21/11:  I published this post exactly a month ago, but this weekend I, once again, met people who had never heard of Swagbucks, and I started pulling my hair out in clumps.  Rather than go completely bald, I'm just going to repost this, in the hopes that all of you will come to your senses and join the most effortless rewards program in the universe.  There are so many things we do to save money that are downright hard.  Why not do the easy ones too?

I'll admit, I don't post as much about Swagbucks as other frugal bloggers do, because I figure, c'mon, DailyCheapskate readers don't live under rocks; who hasn't joined Swagbucks already?

Then the other day, I actually met one of DailyCheapskate's readers, who was cute and put-together and very clearly did not live under any rocks,  and he asked me "So what's the deal with that Swagbucks thing?  Should I join?"  My Cheapskate little heart skipped a beat.  Omigosh.  Please, if you haven't joined, and you like to get free things, please, pretty please, join now?  Swagbucks = total no-brainer.  Seriously.

What's stopping you?  Swagbucks is effortless to join, use, and the rewards come quickly and easily.  Basically, you get points for searching through the Swagbucks search engine (which is Google-based) and after 450 points, you get to redeem a $5 Amazon e-gift card. The points accumulate very quickly; I currently have hundred of dollars sitting in my Amazon account because of Swagbucks.   If you are more ambitious with extra time (I'm not) you can do other things to earn points, like take polls, surveys, refer friends, etc., but the fantastic thing about Swag Bucks is that you can earn points by doing something you would already be doing. No. Brainer.

So, if you are one of the fourteen people left on Planet Earth who has not yet joined Swagbucks, click here (and thank you very much for letting me refer you; I get a little something from that as well), sign up, and continue with life as usual, just search through Swagbucks instead of Google (which is essentially the exact same process), and watch your points pile up and your Amazon gift cards accumulate.  If you really want to streamline the process, install the Swagbucks toolbar (once you've joined, click on "Toolbars" then "Download") and make your Google-based searches even more effortless.  Go. Swagbucks.  Now.  You are so going to thank me later.


  1. Thanks for letting me refer you Debbie! Treat yourself to something nice on Amazon once you've started accumulating those giftcards.

  2. I know - I assume everyone is already on, but I keep meeting people who aren't! Plus after chatting with two of the Swag guys at my conference, I'm more pumped than ever.

  3. Thanks! I consider myself fairly up to date with online deals, and i never heard of this one...i guess i'm not, but thanks again for the suggestion, and after i buy my house through amazon, i'll have you to thank ;)

  4. Nossi, LOL, thanks for letting me refer you. I'm almost done paying off the Cheapskate corporate jet with my Amazon gift cards. BTW, I'm checking out the incredible looking recipes on your blog...might need you for a guest post if you're interested (contact me at frugalskate@gmail.com). That's some mighty good-looking food.

    Mara, go figure, I always think everyone has access to the same stuff that I do, but I guess you never know!


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