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Two free issues of All You magazine

Here's how to get two free issues of All You magazine, which is rather light on content but chock full of manufacturer's coupons.  Please follow these directions carefully:
  1. Click here and start filling out the form.  Fill out Part 1 where it tells you to enter your address.
  2. Do NOT fill out Part 2, which is optional.  You never want to enter your credit card information if you don't have to.
  3. DO check the box next to "Just send me my Free Trial Issues and bill me later."
  4. Check off Part 3 and submit your order.
  5. If you don't want to subscribe to All You via this offer (and be aware, there are much better All You subscription offers out there), wait until you've gotten your two free issues, and then write "CANCEL" on the invoice that you will receive and send it back via their postage-paid envelope.  This last step is EXTREMELY important.  As long as you cancel, your two free issues are yours to keep and you don't pay a cent. If you don't cancel, you have bought yourself a subscription to All You and are legally obligated to pay for it.  
I know most frugal bloggers adore All You because of the many coupons it contains (the content, in my humble opinion, is pretty shallow).  My take on it is that the few times that I've actually purchased All You, I've never seen a coupon in it that I couldn't have obtained elsewhere at another time.  I'm very wary of spending money in order to save money and I like to know that I will always come out ahead if I do.  I find much more value in a subscription to the Sunday paper. Just my $0.02, and I'm aware that it's an unpopular blogger opinion.  However, if I can get All You for free or near-free, I'm all for it.

    1 comment:

    1. Charlotte8/21/2011

      Cheapskate, I TOTALLY agree with you. I fell for another blog's "Buy this magazine now!" post (I no longer follow that blog) and subscribed to All You Magazine for a year. It was a discounted subscription but still more than $10. The coupons were fine, but no big whoopdeedoo. Nothing I couldn't find in the Sunday Post in a different week or even online. I'm like you. I'll never pay money to subscribe again, but if I can get 2 free issues, bring it on. I love your blog because your so different from the other coupon & frugality blogs and I got my friends in my Coupon Club to follow it.


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