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Frugal newspaper subscriptions

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that because of all the many free deals on magazines and newspapers, my annual budget for periodicals, was, well, zero.  Null, nada, gournisht, effes, big goose egg.

But sadly, my free Wall Street Journal daily subscription has expired, and along with it, my free source for Sunday coupons. This past weekend, I had to run out to Starbucks to pick up a $1.50 full-price Sunday Denver Post.  And pay for it.  Ok, I paid for it with a Starbucks gift card that I got for free from Swagbucks, but still!  I paid full price for a newspaper and I had to burn gas in my car to get it.  That just strikes me as wrong.  I checked out subscription prices on the Denver Post website, and found that they weren't all that much better.

Then I found DiscountedNewspapers.com.  They can get the Sunday-only Denver Post delivered to my door for $4.75 per month, even in months that have five weeks.  Over the course of the year, that averages out to $1.10 per paper on my doorstep.  That's frugal.  Ok, that's cheap.  I heart cheap.

DiscountedNewspapers.com has heavily discounted deals on periodicals in just about every state.  If you're not subscribed to a newspaper, this is a great opportunity to get one delivered to your door at a great rate.  If you're already subscribed to a paper and paying ridiculous rates, you can cancel your subscription and subscribe through DiscountedNewspapers.com. No newstand prices, better than regular subscription prices, and you don't have to get in your car to pick it up. 

Click here and enter your zip code to see how well DiscountedNewspapers.com can do for you.  And save that free Starbucks gift card from Swagbucks for lattes.

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