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$7 in Best Buy gift cards for playing an Iphone game, from KIIP

This deal is a little tricky, but I tried it and it worked for me.  A new marketing company called KIIP (pronouncd "keep") has embedded gift card rewards in certain smartphone games.  Basically, once you attain a particular goal in the game, KIIP rewards you with a gift card.  They are starting out with an Iphone game called 7x7.  It's a very easy, fun game. Here's how to get $7 in Best Buy gift cards from simply playing the game.

  1. Download the 7x7 game here to your Iphone Ipad or Ipod Touch. You can also get it by searching on "7x7" in the App Store.  The game is free. 
  2. Play the game.  You basically just need to line up four or more of the same color blocks in a row.  There are instructions on the game screen.  It's a very easy, addictive game.
  3. When you attain 500 points, a small message will pop up at the bottom that says "KIIP Reward unlocked."
  4. Click on the message, and it prompts you to another screen that says "You've won a $2 Best Buy Gift Certificate. Here's a reward for 500 blocks.  Enter your email for instructions."  
  5. Enter your email address, and click on the "Redeem, return to App" button.  
  6. Check your email, and the gift card voucher with a unique serial code will be there.   (Check your spam folder if it's not in your inbox.)
  7. After you've won the $2 gift card reward, play the game again.   At 1,000 points, you will go through the exact same process to win a $5 gift card reward.  
  8. The rewards are just like regular Best Buy gift cards, except that they can only be used in-store and they expire on 9/5/11.
  9. If you play the game continuously and don't see the KIIP pop-up, shut down the Iphone, wait ten minutes, and then fire up your Iphone and play again.  This worked for me.  It seems KIIP has a limit on the number of rewards that they release per user in a certain time frame.

I don't know if this game is available for Android and even if it is, if gives you the same KIIP rewards.  KIIP is being a little secretive about which games contain their rewards, because they want users to play for the pure enjoyment of the game. If you're an Android user and were able to download the game and get these rewards, please let me know so I can update this post.

Remember, these special Best Buy gift cards expire on 9/5/11 and cannot be used on BestBuy.com, only in-store. I'm headed over to Best Buy later to spend my $7 in gift cards on a flash drive.

Getting monetarily rewarded for playing a computer game is some people's idea of a dream come true!


  1. Mergatroyd the Android8/29/2011

    This is FANTASTIC! Thank you. Got $14 in credit using both my Iphone and Ipad. Headed over to Best Buy tomorrow to buy a new much-needed printer cable. I love your blog. You post deals that no one else has and that *even men* can appreciate. Tired of looking at diaper deals. DailyCheapskate is unique!

  2. Thanks for the love, Merg! I try to mostly post deals that would be interesting to me; I guess I'm communing with my inner-guy.

  3. Mergatroyd the Android8/29/2011

    I also loved your MCR t-shirt deal. My wife, daughter and I got 12 free college t-shirts. Unfreakinbelievable. Thanks to you, we're not spending money on running shirts this year.

  4. I'm feeling that DailyCheapskate love...


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