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Saving money on prescription drugs

Prescription drugs, even with insurance coverage, can be horrendously expensive, and as you get older, you unfortunately tend to need them more.  Here are some more ways you can save money on prescriptions.
  • New and transfer prescription pharmacy coupons:  you will need to look carefully for these.  They usually pop up in circulars and Sunday papers.  Most Kroger affiliate stores offer $25 in free groceries for a new or transferred prescription.   They will honor competitor's pharmacy coupons if you can find them.  Target periodically sends out $10 gift card coupons for new or transfered prescriptions.  If you use any sort of prescribed drugs on a regular basis, i.e. birth control pills, thyroid meds, pre-natal vitamins, cholesterol meds, etc. pounce on these coupons when you find them.
  • $4/$10 generics: Walmart, Target and all Kroger-affiliate supermarkets offer $4 for a 30-day supply and $10 for a 90 day supply of select generic drugs. See the individual store websites for the list of eligible drugs.
  • Do you throw out your prescription drugs as soon as they reach their expiration date?  You actually don't have to.  Please read this Harvard Medical School article on Drug Expiration Dates - Do They Mean Anything?
  • Free antibiotics:  many, many supermarkets give away free antibiotics with a prescription from your doctor; you only need to look for the deals.  These are great deals for families with schoolkids who routinely bring home strep, etc.:
  • Mail order:  even if you have prescription drug coverage at the pharmacy, if you are going to be using a drug on a regular basis, you might look into your prescription plan's mail-order pharmacy, such as Medco.  The prices for mail-order drugs are significantly cheaper.  
  • Online coupons and vouchers:  below, I've listed some coupons or copay vouchers on popular drugs that I found just be searching online.  If you are faced with taking an expensive drug that is not covered by insurance, first take a look at the drug's website to see if any savings are offered.

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