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Easiest 405 Swagbucks and $15 in free music downloads I've ever "earned"

You know how I rant and rave about Swagbucks. The only frugal thing that I enjoy more than getting me free stuff is knowing that I've taught you how to get free stuff.  It's an ego thing.  I would love to know that 100% of my DailyCheapskate readers belong to Swagbucks.

What's Swagbucks?  I'm so glad you asked.  Swagbucks = total no-brainer.  Seriously.

Swagbucks is effortless to join, use, and the rewards come quickly and easily.  Basically, you get points for searching through the Swagbucks search engine (which is Google-based) and after 450 points, you get to redeem a $5 Amazon e-gift card. The points accumulate very quickly; I currently have hundred of dollars sitting in my Amazon account because of Swagbucks.   The fantastic thing about Swag Bucks is that you can earn points by doing something you would already be doing, searching. No. Brainer.

Ok, so you joined?  Already have an account?  Good. Now I'm going to tell you what I did to earn 405 points in one night.  (Do the math yet?  That's 90% of the way toward a free $5 Amazon gift card.)

Stay with me.  Go to Swagbucks.com and make sure you are logged in to your account.  Click on "Earn" and then "Special Offers" in the very tippy-top gray toolbar.  Click on the "Trial Pay" tab, then the "More" subtab, then "Music/DVDs/Games."  Are you still with me?  About six offers down, you'll see the Emusic offer for 405 Swagbucks.  Select it.

"Sign up for a 7 day eMusic Trial and get a $10 credit towards music downloads! With songs as low as 49¢ each that’s up to 20 songs. Choose from over 14,000,000 tracks, guaranteed to play on any MP3 player. 100% risk free.

Sign up for eMusic today. You must be a new member with no previous account on record. Please note: If you cancel your order, TrialPay reserves the right to discontinue access to your free product."

Yes, assuming you don't already have an Emusic account, you will sign up for the seven-day free trial offer and enter your credit card number.  And if you don't cancel within seven days, they will charge your credit card for (an unbelievable) $31.99!  But you are not going to let it go for seven days, because the 405 points are credited to your Swagbucks account instantly, and there is absolutely no reason for you to hang around a trial membership that you will need to remember to cancel.  We are going to take care of business in one evening.

Now before you say "that's gaming the system," I'm going to respond "no, it's not." You're not doing anything slimy, wrong or illegal.  You're strictly following the rules that they (Emusic and Swagbucks) set up.  You entered your credit card number.  And now you're even going to take advantage of Emusic's kind offer of $10 of free music.  Go ahead and download $10 or less worth of free music mp3s. Go crazy.  But whatever you do, don't download more than $10 worth of music or you will activate the $31.99 membership fee.  Once you have ordered what you want and downloaded the music safely on your computer, go to "Account" (on the top horizontal navigation bar).  Then click on "request to cancel" on the left-hand side vertical toolbar.  And then, voila, just like the clingy boyfriend/girlfriend in college who didn't want you to break up with them, Emusic will offer you a free, no-strings attached extra $5 in additional credits if you agree not to leave them. Take the $5 in credits!  Go crazy again.  Download another $5 worth of music, but do not go over $5 unless you actually want to join Emusic and pay $31.99 per month.

After you've downloaded the extra $5 worth of music to your computer, repeat the cancellation steps, and this time, go through with it all the way. You cannot cash in on any more bonus offers. Make sure you've canceled completely (unless you actually want to join!).

That's it.  405 free Swagbucks, $15 (or just slightly less....I was able to leave with just six cents in my account) worth of free, legal, mp3s, and all in a night's work.  The key to taking advantage of these tempting trial offers is get in and out in one evening, and not let it fester until you forget all about the trial offer and need to deal with that exorbitant first membership charge.  That's how they getcha.

So, ok, what music did you download? It took me forever to decide.


  1. Mordechai10/31/2011

    You. Are. Brilliant. This is my favorite money saving blog ever. I got the 405 points and redeemed my first Amazon gift card (when does that actually arrive? Does it take long?) because I already had sixty points. I downloaded $14.90 worth of eighties music. I love your blog. You post very original things.

  2. Mordechai, you are very kind. Swagbucks sends out their egift card codes twice a month, I believe. You should receive yours in no more than two weeks. It will land in your email box and you can plug it right into your Amazon account.

  3. I just joined! I'm so excited!


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