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Kosher for Passover 2016 Quinoa for as low as $4.24 per box shipped, and more KFP deals

I have placed a few orders from Jet this year and found it to be (for the most part) competitively-priced on a number of items.  Each time I bought stuff there, I had a great customer experience with them, and I'd like to start exploring Jet this month for more "hidden treasure" deals.

Like this one.  Well, hello Pesach shopping.

As it turns out, Jet.com has got some fantastic prices on  various KFP (kosher for Passover) products, including KFP quinoa.

These Jet.com quinoa prices beat not only Amazon, Shoprite and Walmart (YMMV) but basically every supermarket at which I've seen these brands of quinoa.  These prices are not going to be around forever once other kosher consumers discover them, so buy early (and cross it off your shopping list, yay!).

What makes their prices even sweeter is if you are a new customer at Jet.com, you can use promo code 15NOW to get 15% off and free shipping on your $35.00 or more order.   I've listed a whole bunch of other practical Pesach buys at Jet below that will also help you get to that $35.00 minimum pretty easily.  This sitewide discount and free shipping is well worth teaming up with friends, if you need to do that to get to $35.00.

And here's one other awesome thing about Jet.  The more you buy, the more you save, and it's automatic.  As you keep adding items to your cart, Jet keeps slicing off little pieces of your total, which add up to a nice great little discount when you get to the end of your shopping cart.  I love the fact that they reward more buying on their site and they do it immediately.  Makes sense!

Now let's get on to kosher-for-Passover 2016 quinoa.  As they do every year, the Big Kashrus Agencies have just slightly changed the rules again for 2016.  Let's look at the Star-K.

The Star-K has approved the Ancient Harvest 12 oz. box of Traditional Quinoa without any special Passover certification for Passover 2016 (see page 12 of the 2016 Star-K Passover Guide).  I called the Star-K to confirm that the Ancient Harvest Quinoa did NOT need any special certification and they did confirm that this was the case.

$3.09  for12 oz. with promo code
Jet.com has got this 12 oz. box of Ancient Harvest Traditional Organic Quinoa for $4.99 (that works out to 42 cents per oz..) but if you are new Jet customer, enter promo code 15NOW and that price drops by 15%  to $4.24 (35 cents per oz.) .

If you buy multiple boxes of Ancient Harvest Quinoa (limit is 10 per account), you will get an additional discount between 24 cents and $2.20, depending on how many boxes you purchase.

 Please note that you must make a $35 or more purchase in order to use the 15NOW promo code.

This is one of the BEST deals I've ever seen on KFP quinoa, (including last year's popular Walmart coupon deal), and it includes free shipping.

Compare this to Amazon's price on the same quinoa.

Please note that the Star-K has also approved these other two varieties of Ancient Harvest Quinoa for Passover 2016.  I splurged a bit and bought the tri-color quinoa:
$5.60 for 12 oz. with promo code
Ancient Harvest Quinoa Harmony Tri-Color Blend Gluten Free 12 oz. priced at $8.24 - 15% = $7.00 (58 cents per oz.)  (compare to Amazon, wow!)

$5.94 for 12 oz. with promo code
Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Inca Red 12 oz priced at $5.94 - 15% = $5.05 (42 cents per oz.)   (Compare to Amazon.)

If you'd like to check out other well-priced Kosher for Passover (KFP) food items at Jet to help you get to that $35.00 minimum for the 15% discount with free shipping. please consider some of the deals below.  As always, check, double-check, and triple-check your items when they arrive for KFP hashgacha. Never rely on Rabbi Internet.

FYI, I've included some Pellegrino and Perrier deals (both KFP in the unflavored varieties) even though they are a little more expensive on Jet than at Costco, because there is some value to not having to shlep home heavy bottles from the store!
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