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LOWEST PRICE: Misto oil sprayer for $6.79 on Amazon. Save money on expensive kosher-for-Passover cooking sprays!

If you've been reading Daily Cheapskate for a while, you know I'm a big fan of Misto sprayers.  We have used Mistos for years now.  I got my first Misto for Pesach back in 2008, because I got tired of spending ridiculous amounts of money for kosher-for-Passover cooking sprays, (which often cost more than a Misto for just a single can!).  I bought a Misto sprayer, filled it with extra-virgin olive oil, and voila, I had my own KFP (kosher for Passover) cooking spray for pennies on the dollar.  

Now, you will see some negative reviews on this item, and having used Mistos for so long, I think those reviews are borne on unrealistic expectations.  These sprayers do not last forever.  They do wear down about every 3-4 years or so and start to leak or not spray as well or get clogged.  They do eventually need to be replaced. Also, make sure you only fill your Misto up halfway when you use it, because it doesn't contain any chemicals or propellants and works by air pressure, so you need to leave room for the air.  If you fill it up to the top, it will leak. You also need to wash Mistos very well before putting them away for the year once Pesach is over.  

But if you keep all this in mind, you and your Misto should get along just fine and you will end up saving a ton of money on those awful KFP cottonseed oil cooking sprays, and have more control over your cooking/baking Pesach ingredients.  At this point, I actually keep two, one with plain olive oil for regular baking and cooking and one that is infused with fresh basil leaves.  I just wash and check the basil, put it in with the oil and get homemade flavored olive oil that I save for veggie/mushroom omelets and other savory dishes.   
  • Reusable oil spray and mister bottle gives you the convenience and health benefits of an aerosol sprayer in a more economical and environmental form.
  • Fill Misto with your favorite oils, vinegars, lemon and lime juice, sherry, or marsala wine. Great for salads, breads, or cooking.
  • Easy-to-use pump style cap features a 2-step operation: simply pump the container, then and press the valve on the pressurized sprayer for an even mist.
  • Misto produces an even, pure mist, so you use less oil when preparing foods. You'll eat healthier and save money. Easy to clean with hot water and a little detergent.
  • Environmentally friendly: The non-aerosol sprayer doesn't use chemical propellants, and it's refillable, so no more throwing cans away to end up in landfills. Misto is BPA-free.

Amazon disclaimer:  Amazon prices can change without warning, so make sure you double-check the price at checkout.  If the price goes up any time after this deal is posted, Amazon is not responsible for matching this price.

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