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Shopping for Passover at Costco 2018

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For the past few years, I've been finding that I'm doing more and more of my Passover/Pesach shopping at Costco.  I'm originally from Brooklyn, but I live in East Denver, and we are fortunate to have a Costco in nearby Aurora that stocks a nice-sized kosher section and a plethora of KFP/KLP (kosher for Passover/kosher la'Pesach) items.  But even if you live somewhere where the Costco doesn't stock special KFP items, there are still TONS of must-have Passover items that you can buy at Costco that will cost much less than at your local supermarket.

Many of these deals (except for the specifically seasonal KFP items, like shmurah matzoh) are available for months before Pesach.   What I love about that is that I can make a significant dent in my Costco Passover shopping well before Purim, and save a ton of money as well.

I've included price comparisons to previous years (if available).  Of course, your local Costco is going to have different items and prices from my local Costco.  If you'd like to send me photos of KFP items at your local Costco, by all means, please do!  It's still very early and I plan to do a great deal of updating to this post as we get closer to Pesach.

FYI, I'm not affiliated with Costco at all (other than being a shopping member) and I was not compensated in any way for writing this post.  I put this together strictly as a reference for Daily Cheapskate readers.  I'm also not a posek, so if you have any halachic questions, please contact your local halachic authority.

Please note that when I say that the OU allows an item for Passover without special certification, that means that the item must have an OU on it but does not need an OU-P.  To clarify, the OU can only certify items supervised by the OU. So if your item has another hechsher on it, it is not covered by the OU for Passover.

Here's the 2017 Costco postthe 2016 Costco postthe 2015 Costco post and the 2014 Costco post.  These Passover-at-Costco posts are among Daily Cheapskate's most popular posts on saving money on Passover shopping.

Things that I haven't included: vegetables (other than Pesach staples like romaine lettuce, potatoes and onions), fruit, and cleansers.  Some of these I consider rather obvious.  I wanted to focus on must-haves for Pesach that might not be on your radar.

Some changes from previous years:
  • one of my favorite Passover items, Kirkland Egg Whites, are not KFP in my region this year. I'll be buying the KFP ones from Walmart (and paying a lot more). 
  • Eggs are a LOT more expensive this year.
  • This year I've included some k-cup choices, which I omitted last year.
Ok, grab your cart, and away we go.....


Large Eggs USDA Grade AA, 5 dozen, $10.79 ($2.16 per dozen)
2017: 5 dozen, $3.99
2016: 5 dozen, $5.99
2015: N/A
2014: N/A

No hechsher needed, but must buy before onset of Pesach.  WOW!  The price has nearly tripled!  Hopefully we will see some eggs sales before Pesach, because this is way too expensive.


Holyland Hand Shmura Matzoh, 16 oz. boxes, OU-P, $14.69  (compare this price to Amazon)
2017:  $14.69
2016:  $14.69
2015:  $14.99
2014:  $13.99

The price on this round, hand-made, Shmurah matzah from Israel is fantastic, especially compared to what hand shmurah costs everywhere else ($20 and above).   The fact that Costco stocks this has saved us a fortune for the last five years.  I also feel extra great about buying shmurah matzoh that comes from Israel.


Kirkland  Farmed Atlantic Frozen Salmon Filets, 3 lbs. - OU, $26.99
2017: $25.99
2016: $19.99
2015: $23.99
2014: $24.99 

Salmon continues to rise in price, which makes me a very unhappy camper.  I still buy it because I like the way the portions are individually wrapped, almost all middle-cut, without a fishy taste.

For the past eight years, the OU has been okay'ing this for Pesach without a special Passover hashgacha (see page 60 in the OU 2018 Passover Guide). 

Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Filets, 3 lbs. - OU, $32.99
2017: $28.99
2016: $26.99
2015: $29.79
2014: N/A 

If you prefer not to eat farmed fish, the frozen Kirkland Wild Salmon is also ok without Passover certification, after it has been rinsed with water (see page 60 in the OU 2018 Passover Guide).

Blue Hill Ray Smoked Whitefish, Kof-K-P, $8.59 per lb.
2017:  N/A
2016:  N/A
2015:  N/A
2014:  N/A

Rokeach Gefilte Fish 64 oz. (4 lbs.) OU-P $9.69
2017:  $6.99
2016:  $8.99
2015:  N/A
2014:  N/A

Seasons Boneless/Skinless Sardines, 6-count 4.38 oz. cans, OU-P, $9.99
2017:  $9.99 - $3.00 coupon = $6.99
2016:  $9.99 - $3.00 coupon = $6.99
2015:  N/A
2014:  N/A

FYI, for comparison purposes, here are the single can Seasons KFP sardine prices at the Denver Kroger affiliate, King Soopers (more than double):

Kirkland Smoked Salmon, OU-Passover, 24 oz., $23.99
2017:  $16.99 for Kirkland Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon 16 oz.
2016:  $14.89 for Kirkland Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon 16 oz.
2015:  Kirkland Smoked Salmon (not Wild), OU-P, 2-count 12 oz. $19.99
2014:  $18.99

Please be aware that this lox  is NOT KFP year-round, so look for the packages with the special circle Passover hashgacha (which are usually mixed in with the non-KFP packages for added confusion). Some of you have asked me if that circle is a sticker; it's NOT.  The hechsher is imprinted on the package.

If you're looking for a less boring Chol HaMoed lunch, pile some of this lox on top of a cream cheese slathered slab of matzoh and you're in business. Who needs bagels, right?  This is also good in breakfast omelets. If you want to make a shmancy Pesach hor's d'oeuvre, find some KFP nori, cook up some quinoa, slice some avocados and carrots, and roll some KFP sushi.


Empire Kosher Skinless Boneless Chicken Breasts, OU-P, KAJ$4.99 per lb.
2017:  $9.99 for a 2-lb. bag ($4.99 per lb.)
2016: $10.99 for a 2-lb. bag ($5.50 per lb.)
2015: $10.99 for a 2-lb. bag ($5.50 per lb.)
2014: $10.99 for a 2-lb. bag ($5.50 per lb.)

Our Costco used to carry frozen Empire Chicken Breasts in a 2 lb. bag. Now they carry only the fresh weighed and carded version and sell it by the pound. These frozen chicken breasts have KFP hashgacha year-round which facilitates early shopping. The $4.99 per lb. price is AMAZING.

The Empire Kosher Rock Cornish Whole Chickens are no longer available through our Costco. 

New for this year, Empire Natural Chicken Leg Quarters, OU Passover, KAJ, $2.29 per lb.

New for this year, Empire Natural Ground Turkey, OU Passover, KAJ, $13.99 for 4 lbs. or $3.50 per lb.

New for this year:  Teva Glatt Kosher Ground Beef, OU, $6.99 per lb.

Meal Mart NY Deli Passover Sliced Pastrami, Corn Beef or Smoked Turkey Breast-OU-P, 1.25 lbs. $14.99 (comes to $11.99 per lb.)
2017:  $14.99
2016:  $14.99
2015:  $9.99
2014:  $9.99

This pastrami is not KFP year-round, so look for the packages with the special Passover hashgacha.  In past years, our Costco had corn beef and smoked turkey as well; this year, they have only brisket pastrami.

Here are some prepared meals that are available this year:

Meal Mart Oven Roasted Beef Brisket, OU-P, $9.49 per lb.
2017: N/A
2016:  Meal Mart Oven Roasted Beef Brisket, OU-P, $9.49 per lb.

Meal Mart Beef Stuffed Cabbage, OU-P, $10.59 per lb.

Meal Mart Spare Ribs, OU-P, $6.89 per lb.

Mon Cuisine Chicken Cacciatore, OU-P, $12.99 per lb. 




Tanimura & Antle Hearts of Romaine, 6 heads, $3.49.  Must be checked for bugs.
2017: $3.29 (J&A Hearts of Romaine, 6 heads)
2016: N/A
2015: N/A
2014: N/A

Earthbound Farms Organic Romaine Hearts, 6 heads, $3.99.  Must be checked for bugs.
2017: $3.99
2016: N/A
2015: N/A
2014: N/A

J&A Artisan Mini Romaine Hearts, 6 heads, $3.49.  Must be checked for bugs.
2017: $3.49
2016: N/A
2015: N/A
2014: N/A

Cal Organic Baby Carrots, 5 lbs. OU, $5.29

There is actually no such thing as a "baby carrot." They are regular sized slender carrots that are cut down to size and are "buffed" into having round corners. Because they are processed, baby carrots generally do need Passover certification, unlike regular raw carrots.

Peru Sweet Onions, 5. lbs. $4.99
2017: $4.49
2016: N/A
2015: N/A
2014: N/A

Baking Potatoes, 15 lbs. $6.49 (43 cents per lb.)
2017: $6.49 for a 20 lb. bag (32 cents per lb.)
2016: N/A
2015: N/A
2014: N/A



Nature's Touch Organic Dark Sweet Cherries, 3 lbs., $11.59.
2017: Frozen Townsend Farms Dark Sweet Cherries, 3 lbs., $10.99
2016: N/A
2015: N/A
2014: N/A

Frozen non-buggy fruit with zero additives:  the OU has stated that frozen fruit with no bug issues and no additives at all do not require any kind of Passover certification. These frozen fruit are great in KFP slushies, sherberts, compotes, in yogurt, on ice cream or even on their own as a snack.  It is imperative to double-check the label and make sure that the only ingredient is the fruit. If there are any preservatives, salt, sugar, syrup, or any other ingredients added, they require certification.

Frozen Kirkland Signature Organic Blueberries, 3 lbs., $8.99.
2017:  $10.99 for Frozen Kirkland Signature Organic Blueberries, 3 lbs
2016: N/A
2015: N/A
2014: N/A

UltraOrganics Organic Mango Chunks, 5 lb., $10.49
2017: $9.59 for Frozen Townsend Farm Organic Mango, 4 lbs.
2016: N/A
2015: N/A
2014: N/A



Kirkland Organic Honey, three 24 oz. honeybears, OU-P,  $14.99 (Compare this price to Amazon)
2017: $14.99
2016: $13.59
2015: $13.59
2014: $11.69

This is easily the best price on organic honey in town.  We buy this 3-pack for Pesach each year and always have at least one 24 oz. honeybear left over for the following Rosh Hashana.

Kirkland Signature Pure Honey, 5 lbs. (80 oz.), OU-P, $11.99  (Compare this price to Amazon)
2017: $10.99
2016: $13.99
2015: $13.59
2014: $13.59

Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), 2 liter bottles (67.6 oz.), OU-P, for $14.99.  (Compare this price to Amazon)
2017: $13.99
2016: $11.99
2015: $12.99
2014: $12.99

The OU and other major kashrus organizations have permitted EVOO for Pesach without any special KFP hashgacha.  Only the extra virgin varieties come under this ruling; other types of olive oil DO require special Passover hashgacha.  The OU specifically mentions that Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil does not need special hashgacha on page 63 of the OU 2018 Passover Guide, but it just so happens to have OU-P hashgacha for this year.

Costco has some of the best prices on high-quality EVOO and it saves me from having to buy that uber-expensive (and kind of yucky) KFP cottonseed oil. Even though EVOO is not the best oil for frying and baking, it works for a week, and  it's terrific for salad dressings, cooking, sauteing, etc.

Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2 liters, OU-P, $14.95
2017: $13.99
2016:  N/A
2015:  N/A
2014:  N/A

Kirkland Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 liter, OU-P, $13.99
2017: $11.99
2016: $10.99
2015:  $12.99
2014:  N/A

If you prefer, you can get a bottle of Kirkland Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil that's half the size of the regular EVOO for almost the same price.

C & H Granulated Sugar, 10 lb., OK-P, $5.05 (51 cents per lb.)
2017: $4.99
2016: $4.89
2015:  $4.75
2014:  N/A

C&H sugar is yet another item that is KFP year-round (OK-P), which facilitates early shopping. C&H goes under the Domino name in the Eastern part of the country.

C & H Granulated Sugar, 25 lb., OK-P, $12.49 (50 cents per lb.)  (Compare this price to Amazon)
2017:  $11.95
2016: $12.19
2015:  $11.89
2014:  N/A

If you are one of those people who bakes dozens of cakes on Pesach and feeds a horde, there is also a 25 lb. bag of sugar available for the same price per lb..  That is a LOT of sugar, but the price is wonderful, and you can definitely use this after Passover or split with friends.

C & H Granulated Sugar, 50 lb., OK-P, $24.39 (49 cents per lb.)  
2017: $23.59
2016:  N/A
2015:  N/A
2014:  N/A

C & H Darl Brown Sugar, 25 lb., OK-P, $15.49 (62 cents per lb.) 
2017:  $15.29
2016:  N/A
2015:  N/A
2014:  N/A

Costco also has the C&H Dark Brown Sugar in 25 lb. bags.  Again, this is pretty hard-core bulk, but if you're a big Pesach baker, it's a huge money saver.

Kirkland Mediteranean Sea Salt, fine grain, 13 oz. $3.49, OU-P 
2017: $2.79
2016: N/A
2015: N/A
2014: N/A

Kirkland Himalayan Pink Salt in a Grinder, 13 oz. OU-P, $3.99 
2017:  $3.99
2016:  $3.99
2015: N/A
2014: N/A

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, 13.5 lbs., $5.25 (39 cents per lb.)
2017: $5.45

Not sure why anyone would need this much baking soda (unless you also use it for cleaning?), but here it is.  Terrific buy. When I buy the small boxes, I usually pay a dollar per box, so this is a 60% reduction on that price

  • Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee, 51 oz. OU, $9.99
  • Kirkland Signature 100% Columbian Coffee, 3 lbs. OU, $8.95

  • Dunkin Donuts Original k-cups, 72-count, $39.99 (56 cents per k-cup)
  • Starbucks Pike Place k-cups, 60-count, $29.99 (50 cents per k-cup)
  • Newman's Own Organics Special Blend k-cups, 100-count, $44.99 (45 cents per k-cup)
  • Starbuck's French Roast 60-count, $34.99 (58 cents per k-cup)
  • Kirkland Breakfast Blend, 120-count $39.99 (33 cents per k-cup)
  • Kirkland Pacific Bold, 120-count, $39.99 (33 cents per k-cup)

K-cups are not treated the same way regular ground coffees are in terms of Passover kashrut.  Only those unflavored, non-decaff versions that are specifically mentioned by the OU as okay without special certification should be used on Passover.  To be sure, I looked up each of the following brands available at Costco in the invaluable OU Kosher Product Database.  I urge you to not rely on me but to always doublecheck and look up any product you purchase. 


Kedem Grape Juice, two 96 oz. bottles, OU-P, $9.99 (Compare this price to Amazon)
2017: $9.99
2016:  $9.99
2015:  $9.99
2014:  $9.99

For whatever reason, kosher grape juice is ridiculously expensive in Denver. Everyone who is in the know waits for this Costco sale (always right before Pesach) and stockpiles enough for the entire year.  We buy five of these (10-96 oz. bottles) at this sale each year.  Because grape juice does go bad after some time, I write the year that I buy these on top of the cap, so that we can cycle out the oldest bottles first.


Kirkland Signature Whole Almonds, 3 lbs. $12.85 (Compare this price to Amazon)
2017: $12.69
2016: $17.89
2015: N/A
2014: N/A

I am not one of those people who enjoys making stuff from scratch in the kitchen, but for the last two years, I actually have made Pesach pareve almond milk from scratch using Costco almonds and I was shocked at how easy it was. 1 cup of almonds makes about a quart of almond milk, so this year, I'll be making enough for a few friends, as there are about 9 cups in this 3-lb. bag. You can use the leftover almond meal for Pesach nut cookies.

Kirkland Roasted California Pistachio Nuts, 3 lbs. bag, OK-P, $14.99 ($5.00 per lb.) (Compare this price to Amazon)
2017: $14.85
2016:  $19.99
2015:  N/A
2014:  N/A

Pistachios are great for snacking, baking, cooking (I see an pistachio-crusted salmon dish in our Pesach future), and they also make great hostess gifts when you package them up with nice presentation in a pretty new bowl.  As I do every year, I got two of these, one for us, one for gifts. 

(Hat tip to Daily Cheapskate reader Tova J. for alerting me to this 2 years ago, because I never would have even thought to look!)

Please be aware that this is a special KFP run and that it's mixed in the non-KFP pistachios.  Here's a photo of the two side by side, the one on the left with an OU hechsher and the one on the right with a OK-P hechsher (I know the tiny little symbols are hard to make out).  Make sure you buy the OK-P one! They are otherwise identical.

Kirkland Shelled Pistachios, Roasted & Salted, 24 oz. OK-P, $12.79
2017: Setton Farms Premium California Shelled Pistachios, 24 oz., $12.79
2016:  N/A
2015:  N/A
2014:  N/A



Tnuva Feta Cheese, OU-D-P, $5.99/lb.
2017: $5.99/lb
2016: $5.99/lb.
2015: N/A
2014: N/A

Please note that the special Passover certification for the Tnuva cheese is on the inside wrapper, which should be visible through the outer wrapper.  (It's not always easy to make out the words.)

Heritage Kosher Dairy Sliced Cheese Variety, 1.5 lbs., OK-D Passover, $8.99
2017: Natural & Kosher 1.5 lbs. Sliced Cheese Variety,  $10.99
2016:  Natural & Kosher 1.5 lbs. Sliced Cheese Variety, $10.39 
2015:  Natural & Kosher 1.5 lbs. Sliced Cheese Variety, $10.29
2014:  Natural & Kosher 1.5 lbs. Sliced Cheese Variety, $10.29

A few months ago, Costco changed from the Natural & Kosher brand (which it had carried for literally years) to Heritage Kosher. Look for the packages with the special Pesach hashgacha as these are not KFP year-round.  The price on this is excellent and even better than the N&K price ($5.99 per lb. vs. $7.33/lb.).  

FYI, if your Costco still carries the N&K brand, make sure you take advantage of the Natural & Kosher cheese rebate, make sure you save the UPC symbols and get back $1 per package.

Heritage Kosher Dairy Shredded Mozarella, 2 lbs., OK-D Passover $8.69 ($4.35 per lb.)
2017: Natural & Kosher Shredded Mozarella, 2 lbs. $9.79 
2016: Natural & Kosher Shredded Mozarella, 2 lbs.  $8.89
2015:  Natural & Kosher Shredded Mozarella, 2 lbs. $8.89
2014: N/A

New for this year:  Heritage Kosher Dairy Sliced Muenster, 2 lbs., OK-D Passover $9.99

FYI, if you live on the East Coast, you'll find that most heimishe brand cheeses are KFP year-round, and if they are well-priced, you won't have any problem shopping for Pesach cheese at any kosher store.

San Pellegrino Mineral Water, 24-16.9 oz. bottles, OU-P, $17.95
San Pellegrino Mineral Water, 15-25.3 oz. bottles, OU-P, $17.95
2017: 15-25.3 oz. bottles, OU-P, $16.99 ($1.13 per bottle)
2016:  15-25.3 oz bottles $16.99 - $3.50 manuf. instant rebate = $13.49 (90 cents per bottle)
2015: 12-25.3 oz. bottles, $10.99 (92 cents per bottle)
2014:  12-25.3 oz. bottles $13.99 ($1.17 per bottle)

Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water, 24-16.9 oz., OK-P, $17.95 
2017: $16.99
2016: $16.99
2015: N/A
2014:  $16.99

The unflavored varieties of Pellegrino and Perrier are KFP year-round which facilitates early shopping, and these Costco case prices are usually much better than the supermarket prices.  We usually pick up a case of the Pellegrino, (even though we mostly just use our SodaStream on Pesach now). It's always nice to be able to put a few bottles of Italian sparkling water on the Yom Tov table.

Barton's dark chocolate creme mints, 24 oz., OU-P pareve, $9.99
2017: N/A
2016: N/A
2015: N/A
2014: N/A

Manischewitz 32 oz. (2 lbs.) Chocolate-Drizzled Coconut Macaroons, OU-P $5.99.  (Compare this to Amazon's price. )
2017: $6.99 (Haddar brand, same size, 32 oz.)
2016: N/A
2015: N/A
2014: N/A

As they did last year, our Costco got in this giant pack of chocolate-laced macaroons.


Assorted food items that were available in the past but aren't available this year:

From 2016: 

  • Meal Mart Turkey Stuffed Peppers, 2.5 lbs., OU-P $10.99 per lb.
  • Meal Mart RibEye Roast, OU-P, $12.49 per lb.
  • Meal Mart Stuffed Chicken Breasts, OU-P, $13.99 

FROM 2016:
Classic Cooking Sweet Apple Matzah Kugel 2.5 lbs. (2 kugels) - Star-K-P, gebrokts, $9.99

FROM 2015:
Classic Cooking Broccoli Kugel, 44 oz. (2 kugels), Star-K-P not gebrokts, $9.99


No picture or price (yet) but worth mentioning:   if you own a cat,  these varieties of Kirkland Dry Cat Food are all approved for Pesach: Healthy Weight Indoor Adult, Maintenance Chicken & Rice, Natures Domain Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato, according to the Star-K (page 86).

Reader submissions from past years and this year

First one for this year:  Five Yehuda matzos 1-lb. boxes and Schick's Seven-Layer Cake, each at $7.99 from the Costco in Plano, TX.  Thank you Evelyn R.!

This Yehuda Crumb Cake (two almost-1 lb. cakes), OU-P for $8.79 was submitted by my buddy and fellow blogger, Mara Strom from Kosher on a Budget, taken at the Cleveland Costco in 2016.

This is a 2015 submission that came in from Daily Cheapskate reader Andy M. from the Wheaton, MD Costco: 
Worth noting that the OU requires that the Kirkland Apple Juice MUST have special Pesach certification.  Our Costco has got the Kirkland Apple Juice with only an OU, so it cannot be used for Pesach.

Andy M. sent all of the following in from the Wheaton, MD Costco in 2016:

Andy M. found all of the items below in the Columbia, MD Costco in 2016.



If I posted pictures of all the paper goods that Costco stocks, I'd be here for a week month.  Costco is known for disposables that are very well-priced.  But I will rave about their prices on a few crucial Pesach items.

Eco-Foil Half-Size Steam Pans, 30 count, $6.69 (22 cents per pan)
2017: $6.49 
2016: $5.95
2015:  $6.49
2014: N/A

I'm using last year's picture because when I went to Costco, they were literally out of these pans; first time that has ever happened to me. 

East-coasters, I know that Amazing Savings has cheaper pans, but sadly, we can't all live near an Amazing Savings.  :)  This price is WAY cheaper than supermarket or Amazon prices and the pans are much higher quality than the dollar stores. 
Kirkland Signature Parchment Paper 2-count 205 square feet. Star-K-P, $9.59
2017: $9.59
2016: $9.69
2015:  $9.69
2014: N/A

This is the best deal around for parchment paper. I use a ton of parchment liner on Pesach because I cook so many things in disposable aluminum pans, and I hate cooking directly on aluminum.  Also saves me from having to oil some pans.

Kirkland Signature Standard Foil, 12" x 1,000', $23.99
2017: $22.89
2016:  $22.89
2015:  N/A
2014:  N/A

Here are some other various paper/plastic goods and cleanser items that I occasionally shop for at Costco (some of these pictures are from previous years), depending on  how competitive the prices are against online prices. (Honestly, there are just too many to post!)

Which Pesach/Passover goodies were you able to find in your local Costco?  Write to me and let me know.

Please make sure you check out and bookmark Pesach.DailyCheapskate.com for ALL of DailyCheapskate's excellent deals and resources on everything you need for Pesach/Passover! 

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