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Annual Round-Up of Rosh Hashana and Sukkot Deals (over 60 items!!)

Welcome to Daily Cheapskate's Annual Round Up of the very best Rosh Hashana and Sukkot deals!  Some of these are re-runs but quite a number of these deals are brand new for 2018/5779.



Amazon has got this set of six honey dippers for $6.94 with free Prime shipping (works out to $1.16 each).   These are great for Rosh Hashana if you like to have multiple bowls of honey around the table, and you simply cannot beat this price for the six of them.  If you're having a crowd over for the RH meals, there is also this 24-count pack of mini-dippers for $8.79 with free Prime shipping

These photos were taken at Costco right before this past Pesach, but the prices will usually hold through the end of the year. Costco has the Kirkland Organic Honey, three 24 oz. honey-bears for $14.99 ($0.21 per oz.), and also conventional Kirkland Clover Honey, $11.99 for a 5 lb. container ($0.15 per oz.). These are the best prices you'll see on honey bar none. Because Costco prices vary in each region, YMMV. 

Amazon has got a large, 3-lb. jar of Y.S. Eco Bee Farm Raw Honey for $20.74 with free Prime shipping.  Raw honey has the texture of a thick jam and spreads very easily on challah (and it is crazy delicious).  We always like to put several different varieties of honey on the table on Rosh Hashana and this is one of our favorites. Under CRC hashgacha.

Honey Dishes

Amazon has got this Godinger Windsor "Jam Jar" for $10.89 with free Prime shipping.  Makes a beautiful honey dish or hostess gift (or both).   It's also available in amber for $22.82 with free shipping.

Amazon has got this nifty honey dispenser for $10.99 with free Prime shipping.  Our dear friend Jeff bought us this one a few years ago and we've used it ever since. It keeps the honey very neat and gets rid of the sticky spoon/dipper situation.  It also keeps the challah crumbs out of the honey.  And because the honey is in a closed container, I don't have to worry about flying insects getting into it when we use honey in the Sukkah. I give it 5 stars.

Pomegranates & Simanim

Amazon has got this 25.4 fluid oz. bottle of Amoretti Pomegranate syrup for as low as $16.14 shipped with Subscribe & Save discounts.  This syrup is awesome if you're making pomegranate infused whatever for Rosh HaShana.  It's under the hechsher of Kehilla Kosher (Rabbi Teichman's hashgacha). 

Amazon has got this apple-shaped glass dish for $10.00 with free Prime shipping.

This Apple Swan how-to video was circulating around Facebook for the last few years, and while it's not a "deal" per se,  I just had to share. This Apple Swan will make an awesome surprising addition to any Rosh Hashana simanim plate.

Speaking of simanim, here's a free Hebrew PDF of the seder and brachot on symbolic foods that we eat on the first night of Rosh Hashana.  Please note that it's taken (with permission) from the Artscroll Siddur and that it contains "shem v'malchus" (the name of God) on it, so if you dispose of it, you must place it in shaimus; it cannot be destroyed or placed in the regular trash.  Thanks.

Other Rosh Hashana items

I can't vouch for the quality or the kashrut of this, but Amazon has got this 9"-12" shofar for $17.39 with free Prime shipping. (Great for practicing or for the kids.)


Sukkah furnishings

Walmart has this Cosco 8-foot table for $60.00 with free 2-day shipping or in-store pickup.

Jet.com has got this Cosco card table and 4 folding chairs, priced at $55.00 with free shipping.  Worth the price for the value of the chairs alone.  Great for smaller Sukkahs or for a kid's table. 

Whether you sleep in the Sukkah or just need this for extra houseguests, Amazon has got this Intex Classic Twin Downy Airbed for only $16.00 with free shipping.  You're going to need a pump to blow it up, and this Intex Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump is $13.99 with free Prime shipping.

Other Sukkah-related items

Do your kids bring home paper Sukkah decorations that they made in school?  A great way of preserving and rain-proofing their beautiful creations is investing in a laminator.  Amazon has got this  Apache AL9 9" Thermal Laminator (with 20 laminator pouches) for only $19.33 with free Prime shipping.  

Amazon has got this 8-count Sterilite 18-gallon totes for $49.00 with free shipping ($6.13 each).  These are great for storage of Sukkah decor, lighting, building supplies, etc.

We use a jug with a spigot like this one in our Sukkah for Netilat Yadayim (washing for bread).  It speeds the meal along, eliminating the need to go back into the house to wash your hands. Amazon has this one for $9.32 with free Prime shipping.  (During the year, we use it as a water carrier for the car when we go on outings or road trips.)

Amazon has got this 6-pack of Kleenex hand towels 60-count for as low as $10.15 shipped ($1.69 per box shipped) with Subscribe & Save pricing.  I got very into these Kleenex hand towels over last Succos.  We had many guests and there were so many bugs going around the neighborhood, I just didn't want to be using shared hand towels, and these were terrific.  (They normally go for about $3.00 per box and higher.)

UPDATE:  The CRC no longer recommends using Home Depot mats for schach; see their reasoning here.

For the last few years, the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC) has allowed the use of two specific brands of Home Depot bamboo mats as kosher Sukkah Schach, as long as they are placed correctly on the roof of the Sukkah. You can read about it here (this is the 2017 version; the 2018 page is not out yet).  The price of these mats is a fraction of what Schach Mats normally cost. Here are the two mats (and make sure you read the instructions on the CRC site):
Indispensable for Sukkot: an outdoor power strip and an outdoor electrical cord. Whether you've got a fridge or a light or whatever to plug in, you need to have a good outdoor power strip and cord.

Amazon has got this 72-foot outdoor solar string light set for just $10.99 with free Prime shipping (15 cents per foot).  These strike me as an absolutely perfect idea for Succos.

The way it works is this:  the string lights have a small panel that stays exposed to sunlight during the day and then, when night falls and the panel is no longer in the light, the string lights come on automatically.  They operate on solar power, so no outlet or extension cord is needed.  They are rated for outdoor use, so they shouldn't short out when it rains.

Want to go a bit more upscale?  These 30-foot solar globe string lights are $16.99 with free Prime shipping.

And check out this 16-foot outdoor solar bee (in keeping with the honey theme) string lights for $11.98 with free Prime shipping.

Have you discovered mesh food covers yet for clean and safe outdoor dining? Mesh food covers are a great way to be able to put out the less perishable food ahead of time without worrying about the flies/bees/mosquitoes eating it before your guests do.  We've been using them for years.  Make sure you open them up before Yom Tov starts as they open the same way umbrellas do.

Amazon has this very practical set of four mesh food covers for $7.18 with free Prime shipping.

Or you can get a little shmancy and order this cute Woodard & Charles 14" Round Grapes Food Dome for $11.99 with free Prime shipping, and lots more are over here.

I got this idea from my sister-in-law, Ellen.  Since you can transfer flame on Yom Tov (but not on Shabbos), why not glam up your Sukkah at night with some beautiful candle chandeliers?  Amazon has this Shabby Elegance Scrollwork Chandelier for $17.96 with free shipping. These hold just 3 candles so I would use at least two of them. And instead of candles, I would use tea lights for safety, and if you finish eating before the candles have burned out, bring them in the house with you until they do.  NEVER EVER leave candles burning in an unattended Sukkah.

If you are using branches instead of mats for schach, I would probably not have lit candles (even tea lights) in the Sukkah.

If you don't mind spending a bit more, I also found this beautiful candle chandelier for $25.03 with free shipping.  LOVE this one.

Nothing like a Sukkah full of bees or wasps to spoil a Yom Tov.  Amazon has got this Solar Wasp Trap for $12.99 with free Prime shipping.  Non-toxic and chemical-free.

Planning on taking any trips during Chol HaMoed?  This Folding Pop-Up Travel Sukkah with bamboo schach is $159.00 with free Prime shipping on Amazon. I can pretty much guarantee that this price will go up as we get closer to Sukkot.

If you're shopping for long tablecloths for Sukkot, this is still one of the best classic Amazon deals around:  Amazon has this 90" x 156" wrinkle- and stain-resistant tablecloth for $10.99 with free Prime shipping.  This 13-foot tablecloth will drape nicely over your 8-foot tables.

Other sizes:
These tablecloths are not going to be among your finest linens, but they are durable, wrinkle-free, wash out beautifully, and are a godsend during an 8-day holiday that is replete with huge meals and laundering restrictions.  You can dress them up with a pretty runner and creative place settings.  I think using one of these tablecloths is much nicer than using a fine tablecloth covered with plastic, but that's just me.
  • 100% polyester (Dacron)
  • fold over hemmed edge
  • seamless, one-piece design
  • stain & wrinkle resistant, machine washable
More tablecloth deals:


I love the "Looks Like Real" plastic disposable tableware. If you've got to use "fake" tableware, it really dresses up the table. It gives me the advantage of setting a lovely Yom Tov table out in the Sukkah without worrying about smashed china, and when the meal is over, everything goes in the trash.

Amazon has this Table To Go 'I Can't Believe Its Plastic' 50-count Ivory Lace Plate Set on Amazon for $18.99 with free Prime shipping. (FYI, the ones that I ordered and received were definitely white and not ivory.) This set includes 25 - 10" dinner plates & 25 - 7.5" salad plates.

(FYI to East Coast shoppers, if I bought the comparable plates at Amazing Savings, they would cost a total of $22.50.)

Target has got this 60-count Spitz Gold Cutlery for $5.00 or just slightly over 8 cents per piece.  You can also get the 60-count Spitz Silver Cutlery for $5.00 as well.

If you've got a Target RedCard (and if you don't, you really need to get one because RedCards are awesome money savers), you will save 5% on these sets, bringing the price down to $4.75, or just under 8 cents per piece with free shipping.

Shipping is free with either a $35 minimum order, or with just using your RedCard as your payment method (no minimum), or it's $5.99 flat-rate shipping.  You can also opt for free in-store pickup.

Amazon has got this set of 40-count gold and white 10.25" "Looks Like Real" dinner-size plates for $12.99 with free Prime shipping.

Occasions 160-piece Silver Coated Heavyweight Wedding Plastic Silverware (assorted, with double forks), $12.99 with free Prime shipping8 cents per piece

Occasions 160-piece Vintage Rose Gold Heavyweight Wedding Plastic Silverware (assorted, with double forks), $19.99 with free Prime shipping12 cents per piece.

Occasions 160-piece Vintage Silver Heavyweight Wedding Plastic Silverware (assorted, with double forks), $16.99 with free Prime shipping11 cents per piece.

Posh Setting 160-piece Glamour Collection Heavyweight Polished Silver Plastic Silverware (assorted, with double forks), $16.99 with free Prime shipping11 cents per piece.

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