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More on how smartphones make your life easier

I remember watching Star Trek as a little girl and thinking, "that communicator is very cool."  I never thought the day would come when I'd own a device far more powerful than that.  I love my Iphone.  I know it's a somewhat pricey gadget, but I no longer view it as a luxury, because beyond all the fun things I can do with it, it makes my life easier, and I firmly believe that living a frugal lifestyle is not just about saving money; it's about living better and more efficiently.   It has replaced my GPS.  When I go on short trips and only need access to email and the web, it replaces my laptop.  It helps me shop (new post about shopping apps is coming up soon).  It has more or less replaced my digital camera, sound recorder and videocam.  I can use it as a level and as a compass. I can listen to my favorite New York radio station on it when I am in Denver.  I can Twitter and Facebook on it.  Oh yes, and I can make calls on it too. LOL.

We don't have kids, but I was so impressed by how clever this was, I just had to post this latest Iphone innovation for all you Cheapskate Moms and Dads out there.  Introducing: the Iphone baby monitor.

How have smartphones made your life easier or better?


  1. Ugh, you're making me so want one!

    That baby monitor thing is very cool.

  2. Come over to the Dark Side, Mara. ;) It is no longer a luxury item...it's really useful.


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