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Smartphone app: organic vs conventionally grown, on a budget

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I believe that smartphones shouldn't only be fun and cool gadgets, but should help make your life easier.  There are many apps available for the Iphone that assist you with shopping. One of them is called Dirty Dozen and it's put out by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). It addresses a question that often comes up when I am shopping for produce: organic or not?

While I'm not an environmentalist by any stretch, I'm also not a big fan of consuming pesticides, and if money weren't an issue, I would make sure all the produce that I bought was organic.  But organic produce can be pricey.  Dirty Dozen isn't so much an application, but is a simple, useful list of which fruits and vegetables tend to absorb the most pesticides and which ones don't. If you are sticking to a grocery budget and can't afford to buy only organic produce, Dirty Dozen ranks the type of produce in the order of its vulnerability to toxins and pesticides, giving you a better idea of how to prioritize buying organic.

So fellow Cheapskates, pop quiz:  without peeking at the list, if you have to make a budgetary choice between organic/conventional potatoes or organic/conventional mangoes, which do you think you should buy?  You might be surprised (I was).

Download the (free) Dirty Dozen Iphone app here.
No smartphone yet? Download the Dirty Dozen pdf  quick-guide here.

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