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Cellfire: click, don't clip, and now featuring geofencing

If you haven't already signed up for Cellfire, whatcha waiting for?  It's one of the first technologies that is part of a current trend in couponing....getting people to click instead of clip.

While online coupons are very popular right now, they are really just a way of harnessing new technology to the old.  You don't really download online coupons, you generate them on the fly and then you print them out, put them in your purse, and carry them to the store.  It's really just a new twist on doing things the old way.  It reminds me of a curmudgeonly friend I have, who is completely computer-illiterate and technology resistant.  He finally caved in and got email for his law practice.  But instead of checking his email onscreen, he has his secretary go through it and print out each and every one onto paper, and reads them that way!  Sounds ridiculous?  But that's really how online printable coupons work.

Cellfire wants couponers to move away from paper completely.  When you join Cellfire, you can register all of your frequent shopper cards and download coupons on to them electronically.  Then, when you check out at the store, your coupon discounts are automatically applied as soon as you swipe your card.  It's a much more efficient way of couponing, and I hope it catches on soon.  It's green (no paper), you will never leave a coupon at home or in the car (they are loaded on your card), no more squinting at expiration dates or wondering if you bought the right size (the specs are automatic), no more arguing with cashiers.

Today, Cellfire came out with a new twist called "geofencing."  It's a clever technology that, once enabled on your smartphone app, lets them notify you via your phone alerts that you have Cellfire coupons for items in that store, right as you walk into your favorite supermarket.   I <3 efficiency!

Join Cellfire now!

Download Cellfire for Iphones here.
Download Cellfire for Androids here.

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