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The Coupons.com Savings Club: does it pay to pay-to-save?

Back in February, I signed up for a free trial year of Coupons.com Savings Club.  The Savings Club offers you higher value coupons than the regular ones on Coupons.com.  That free year offer is long gone, but there is still a 30 day free trial available, and the good news is that the Savings Club has dropped their monthly price from $10 to $3 (or $30 for the whole year...two months free). 

Although I was very skeptical about paying for higher value coupons initially, after using the Savings Club for about 3 months, I'm surprised to say, I think I'm a believer.  I'll probably stay on after my trial expires.  I don't know that I'd do it for $10 per month; that struck me as exorbitant, but I would easily do it for $3 per month, because the value of the Savings Club coupons usually exceed that by at least 4 or 5 times.

Just today, I found this coupon for BOGO on Milk Bone Trail Mix for dogs.  Right there, that's a $4 savings (even more, actually, because there are corresponding Target coupons, but I digress).

Last week I found this buy-two-get-one-free coupon on Milky Way bars.  That didn't help my diet too much, but my sweet tooth didn't complain at this awesome deal.


Sometimes you can get the same coupons available on regular Coupons.com, but with added value.  Everyone had access to the $3 off the Amerigas Cylinder coupon on the right, but I used the Savings Club $3.25 off coupon on the left, and as we know, in couponing, every penny adds up.

The best way to tell if the Savings Club is for you to take their free 30-day trial. It does require a credit card, and they will start charging you $3 per month if you don't cancel after 30 days, so be sure and set a Google reminder (or put it on your calendar) for at least two day before, so you can decide if it's worthwhile for you.  If you are printing at least $3 in coupons not found under the ordinary Coupons.com,  consider sticking with it.  As we know, sometimes, it very much pays to pay-to-save.  I consider the Savings Club a better investment in saving than a subscription to All You magazine.

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