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UPDATED roundup: best deals on Sukkot/Succos items

I posted a roundup of Sukkot deals back here, but many prices have changed (check out the awesome new price on  long white tablecloths below), so I figured now would be a good time for a followup in which I update all the prices.

In addition to the items I posted before, I added two new items right up front, folding chairs (the number one reader-requested deal item for Sukkot) and something fun that I found, an etrog-shaped Havdallah candle.  Yes. An etrog-shaped candle.

I also added a website that I've been meaning to promote:  PaperGoods.com.  Before you go there, check out the discount code below.

I'm going to reiterate what I said back here:  on some of these items you might be able to do better in local stores, but please remember that not all of us are fortunate enough to live near wonderful stores like Amazing Savings, and even if you do, the convenience factor of ordering online in the pre-YomTov rush might outweigh a slight difference in price.  Nevertheless, please make sure you let me know if you find a better price elsewhere online.

Now let's get back to our Sukkot shopping.

The best price I could find on basic folding chairs was $9.98 at Lowe's.  You can either a) get free shipping when you buy 5 or more b) pick them up for free at a Lowe's store or c) shipping for one to four chairs starts at $5.99. 

Now here's a really fun item. World of Judaica has got these Safed Etrog Scented Havdalah Candles for $11.00 with free shipping, but enter promo code DAILYCHEAPSKATE at checkout and that price drops to $10.00. Rather than use this as a Havdalah candle, I ordered one and I'm going to use it as a table candle at night during Chol HaMoed.  Nice mood setter. Remember that these ship from Israel, so please order it TODAY if you want it to arrive in time for Sukkot!

Have you discovered PaperGoods.com yet? New customers can get $10 off your $25 minimum order when you enter my referral code (taking a deep breath) g8vitzn1915cjdm07s or my email address, frugalskate@gmail.com. And, you can get free shipping with orders over $49.00 (for orders under $49.00, shipping is a flat $5.00).  Make sure you check out their Sale section first.  (I spotted some deals there that even beat out Amazing Savings prices!)

Amazon has got the 160 piece set of Reflections plasticware for $15.59 $15.49 with free Prime/SuperSaver shipping.   If you're not familiar with Reflections, they are the heavy duty, silver-colored plasticware that very much resemble actual silverware, and are a big step up from regular plastic utensils.  The 160 pieces include 80 forks, 40 spoons and 40 knives.  That's 40 settings, at $0.39 per setting.   I love this plasticware. If you've got to use paper and plastic, it really dresses up the table.  (Sometimes Costco has this silverware for slightly less than the Amazon price, though I haven't seen it there for almost a year, but it doesn't hurt to call and check.)

If you really want to stock up and get the best per-setting price on Reflections silverware, or you're expecting massive amount of guests for YomTov or are having a simcha weekend, etc. you can get 200 Reflections place settings (800 pieces) for $47.00  + $14.95 shipping = $61.95, or $0.31 per setting $52.70 + $6.99 shipping = $59.69, or $0.30 per setting  $44.75 + $14.95 shipping = $59.70 or $0.30 per setting.

Don't want to bring your Shabbos china out into the Sukkah, but would rather not use paper plates? This set of 50 Masterpiece Premium Quality Heavyweight Plastic Plates (25 10.25" dinner plates and 25 7.5" salad plates) is $24.25 with free Prime/SuperSaver shipping on Amazon.   These fancy-shmancy plates are not the most frugal way to go, but they are certainly nicer than regular paper or plastic, and $0.49 per plate is the best price I've seen (though check at Costco if you can, you might do slightly better). 

If you need some spares of the smaller 7.5" plate only (for salad, fish, or dessert), Walmart has the best price, at $7.99 for a pack of 24, with free store pickup or $1.97 shipping.  With store pickup, that comes to $0.33 per plate and with shipping, that comes to $0.42 per plate. 

If you want to get a little creative about your Sukkot table settings and use disposable tableware, check out Walmart's selections of "Kit N Kaboodle" sets for $19.99 with free store pickup (or $2.97 shipping) here.  While I hate it when everything on the table is matchy-matchy, I love the idea of mixing and alternating the different colored sets, like using the gold or silver set with the black or navy set.  Each Kit N Kaboodle set comes with:
  • 24 9" plates
  • 18 7" plates
  • 24 9 oz. cups
  • 50 beverage napkins
  • 50 luncheon napkins
  • 24 each plastic knives, forks and spoons
  • 18" x 54" plastic table cover
I think this is a great value for $19.99.

Walmart also has these Tableware Party Packs for 20 for $18.00-$20.99 (depending on the color) with free store pickup or $2.97 shipping.  Same idea, get two sets and mix and match and have some fun.
  • 20 9" dinner plates
  • 20 7" dessert plates
  • 54" X 108" tablecover
  • 24 set of cutlery
  • 20 12oz cups
  • 50 luncheon napkins
  • 50 beverage napkins

If you're shopping for long tablecloths for Sukkot, this is still the very best deal around:  Amazon has this 60" x 126" wrinkle- and stain-resistant tablecloth for $9.99  $6.30 with free Prime/SuperSaver shipping.  What an EXCELLENT buy!  It comes in 28 colors, and most are around $9.99 (some are slightly less, some are as much as $14.91, a very few charge shipping).

I'm told by a friend who recently held a Bar Mitzvah, that this price is about the same as it costs to rent tablecloths of this size.

  • 60" x 126" sides
  • 100% polyester (Dacron)
  • fold over hemmed edge
  • seamless, one-piece design
  • stain & wrinkle resistant, machine washable

If you want a tablecloth with a bit more oomph than a plain solid, Amazon has got this beautiful floral Benson Mills tablecloth starting at $12.99 with free Prime/SuperSaver shipping.  Machine-washable cold.  
  • 52"x70",  $12.99
  • 60"x 84", $14.99
  • 60"x104", $16.99
And while we're on the topic of tables, there are a few great deals out there on those 6' long folding tables that are so perfect for the Sukkah.

We use a jug with a spout like this one in our Sukkah for Netilat Yadayim (washing for bread).  It speeds the meal along, eliminating the need to go back in the house to wash your hands. Amazon has this one for $8.91 $9.54 $8.91 with free Prime/SuperSaver shipping.  (During the year, we use it as a water carrier for the car when we go on outings or road trips.)

Need string lights for your Sukkah? Amazon has got them for $6.10-$7.58, depending on which color you select.  I love the way Sukkahs glow at night when they are lined with white string lights.  (Personally, I'd stay away from red and green ones, kwim?)

I got this idea from my sister-in-law, Ellen.  Since you can transfer flame on YomTov (but not on Shabbos), why not glam up your Sukkah at night with some beautiful candle chandeliers?  Amazon has this Shabby Elegance Scrollwork Chandelier for $16.18 with free Prime/SuperSaver shipping. These hold just 3 candles, so I would use at least two of them.  And NEVER leave candles burning in an unattended Sukkah.  Use tea lights for safety, and if you finish eating before the candles have burned out, bring them in the house with you until they do.

Nothing like a Sukkah full of bees and wasps to spoil a YomTov. Amazon has got this PIC Wasp Trap for $9.90 $9.53 with free Prime/SuperSaver shipping.
  • No chemicals or poisons.
  • Trap catches wasps, hornets and yellow jackets.
  • 6 Entry tunnels attract from all directions.
  • Special design that lures insects in and never out.
  • Makes being outdoors safer.

Want to get some Israeli honey for Sukkot?  World of Judaica has Kibbutz Yad Mordechai wildflower honey (under Rabanut Yerushalayim hashgacha) starting at $13.00 or $11.00 after you enter promo code DAILYCHEAPSKATE.   Remember that World of Judaica items ship from Israel, so please order it TODAY if you want it to arrive in time for Sukkot!

This faux-leather etrog case at World of Judaica is only $9.00, or $8.00 after you enter promo code DAILYCHEAPSKATE, but you must order two at a time, so it will be $16.00 for two of them after the promo code. 

Remember, if you see any of these items online at a better price, please do let me know and I'll be happy to credit you with the find.  I learn so much from Daily Cheapskate readers.

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