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ShopKick users, get 300 kicks when you walk in to Target today, 10/31/12

ShopKick users, get 300 kicks when you walk into any Target store today, 10/31/12!

Whoa!  Don't know what ShopKick is?  Want to sign up?  Here's the story.

Basically,  ShopKick is a smartphone app that rewards shoppers with "kicks" (formerly called "kickbucks," points which can be redeemed for store gift cards) simply for shopping at a brick & mortar store. Sounds pretty un-techy, you say, for this day and age? Not at all. How does Shopkick know you are actually in the store? Because you "check in" via the smartphone application that locates you via GPS. Shopkick also gives you points for scanning items in-store and in some cases, for buying items. Shopkick also has some unique digital coupons (that I haven't seen anywhere else) that you just show to the cashier and ask her to scan when you purchase something in a Shopkick member store. Finally, if you would like to earn points without even getting in the car, Shopkick's also got "Instant Surprises" that allow you to earn kicks while sitting on your couch. The points accumulate pretty quickly (frankly, I can't be bothered with points programs where you need to wait forever for a reward).  I've accumulated over $275 in Target gift cards to date, and my effort-to-reward ratio on this program is very, very low.

Here's how to get Shopkick on your phone, and get a 50 kicks bonus to boot. Click here through my special link (and thanks for letting me refer you), and fill out the short form. Shopkick will text the link to their (free) app directly to your smartphone. Just click on the link in the text and it will download and install on your phone. You'll get an instant 50 kickbucks just for signing up through my referral link. Gift cards start at 500 kicks, so between the 50 sign-up kicks and the 300 kicks you'll get today just for walking in to Target, you'll be 70% of the way to your first reward.  I love this app.

For you Daily Cheapskate readers who have been using Shopkick for a while, you know that they just upgraded to a new version, 3.0.  The new version face is not nearly as intuitive as version 2 of Shopkick and it takes some getting used to.  Just today, I finally figured out how to get to my Instant Surprises. One of my most popular posts is my Shopkick tutorial here. but it's basically geared for 2.0, and I need to update it in order for it to be useful to you.  Shopkick just came out with their first update to version 3, which is version 3.01.  I suggest you download it, as it corrects quite a few of the bugs that were in the initial version 3. If you're still having problems with the app, send your complaint to Shopkick via their special feedback form here.  Hang in there.  I'm not crazy about version 3, but the more I use it, the more I like it.

I'll be updating my tutorial soon. In the meantime, here's the Shopkick instructional tour on how to use version 3.

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