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UPDATE: $0.31 shipping today with your $31.00 order! Stack your savings and get 40% off at Payless

UPDATE 10/31/12:  today only, get $0.31 flatrate shipping when you spend a minimum of $31 at Payless.com.  No promo code necessary...shipping rate will show up in your cart when you meet the minimum purchase requirement.

There's nothing quite like stacking discounts to really maximize your savings.  When you can pile one discount on top of the other, pounce like a cougar and shop shop shop.

Payless Shoes has just started one of their cyclical BOGOHO (Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off) sales.  Now, if you've been reading this blog for a while and have become a pro at Shoppers Math, you know that BOGOHO, when both items are the same price, is the equivalent of 25% off.  (When the items are different prices, the amount of the discount drops.)  So the key to maximizing your savings in BOGOHO sale is to buy pairs of items that are the same price.

The BOGOHO discount will come up automatically at Payless.com.  No need to enter any promo code.  

Through 10/31/12, you can get an additional 20% off on top of the BOGOHO discount.  Enter promo code 70110 at checkout, and you will see an additional price drop of 20% on everything in your shopping cart.  Now for my fellow math junkies, 25% off and then 20% off means you're getting 40% off (.75 *.80=.60).  For those of you who are allergic to math, you'll have to trust me:  you're getting a whopping 40% off on your total price!

Lots of you have written in and told me how much you love Payless Shoes for purchasing your kids' shoes.  This could be an amazing find for pre-holiday savings.  As for me, we don't have kids and I'm not crazy about the quality of most Payless shoes, but I'll shop their accessories department like nobody's business.  I get almost all of my winter tights at Payless.  I love these supercute hats. Perfect for winter.  

Check out the Flower Cloche in brown (pictured above) and the Cadet Bow hat in gray (pictured below).  When you buy one of each and stack the BOGOHO savings with the 20% promo code, you'll end up paying a grand total of $17.99 or just $9.00 per hat.  What a score.

Make sure you select free store pickup to save on the ridiculous $5.95 shipping charge (Payless stores are everywhere).

Go to the Payless site here, and stack these savings:
  1. Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off
  2. 20% with promo code 70110
  3. Free store pickup (eliminates shipping charge)

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