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Another reason I lovelovelove digital coupons

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know how much I love digital coupons. I wish ALL coupons were digital. They are certainly greener, and definitely more efficient than paper coupons. To me, it makes no more sense to be printing off coupons from my computer than it does for me to be printing off every email that I wish to read. I'd love to see an app that automatically matches up my store coups with my manufacturer's coups and downloads and stores them all on my Iphone. At checkout, instead of scanning each coupon's UPC's code, I would just show one QR code to the cashier, and instantly, all the coupons would be applied. <Sigh.>  A girl can dream...

So tonight, I went to Target for a few Thanksgiving dinner ingredients, but also to buy my husband, Joshua, some new Lee's. The Sunday paper had a Target store coupon for $5 off any pair of jeans that were $15.99 or more, and Joshua needed a new pair of jeans anyway. Sure enough, when I was ready to check out, the coupon was nowhere to be found (I left it on the dining room table, turns out). I didn't want to have to put back the jeans, but I definitely wasn't going to buy them at full price when I could get them for $5 less.

Fortunately, I had my Iphone with me. It needed to be charged and the battery power was on its last legs, but I was able to keep it open long enough to bring up Target Mobile, and sure enough, there were all the Sunday coupons. As soon as I got up to the register, I had the cashier scan the jeans and the mobile coupon (and seconds later, the phone died).  Digital coupons saved the day!

Do you like digital coupons more than paper ones, or vice versa?  Do you find yourself using digital coupons more and more?


  1. Oh how I wish I had an iPhone (or Smart phone in general). Too frugal....

    I think your idea for an integrating app is excellent. New business idea.....if one knows about making apps

  2. Liat, I certainly don't want to talk you out of your frugal resolve. For me a Smartphone is a necessity for work; I need to be able to get my email and online easily when I travel. But I've also found that the digital shopping apps (and their numerous gift card rewards) as well as the mobile coupons and texting freebies have all paid for the cost of the Iphone (and I hope they continue to add value).

    Thanks so much for your kind comments, Liat!


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