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Brag of the Week: free sunglasses that retail for $100

I'm sure you know that we bloggers can post wonderful links to freebies, replete with exclamation points (Free! High-value!)  but if the deal doesn't work out, well, it just doesn't work out. And sometimes, deals and freebies don't go the way we intend them to go. But every so often, a deal works out beautifully.

Last week I posted about a free Revlon sunglasses giveaway at Sears Optical (no longer available). Sears has an optical store across the street from Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, so I figured, why not, and I went in, coupon in hand, expecting to get a junky twenty-dollar pair of sunglasses from last year's styles. Turned out the coupon was good for their "bottom-line sunglass selection" each of which currently sold for $99.99!  I selected my pair from a group of very modern, in-style frames, and I went home with an ubercute pair of designer sunglasses worth a hundred bucks.  (Click on the image above to see the full-sized receipt.) Yup, sometimes these deals work out very well, indeed.

Got brag?  Let me know and I'll post it!

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