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Brag of the Week

Since my car is getting serviced tomorrow, and I had expiring coupons tonight, I figured I'd do a little shopping run.  The stash pictured in this photo was the result of my dashing around to a bunch of different stores for the last two hours.  How much do you think I spent?

First I went to Target. I had the coupon for a free $10 gift card when you spend $50, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to use some of the free product coupons that will be expiring at the end the year to inflate the total up to $50.  I had four free coupons for Purex Crystals ($4.50 each). I used two of the free 20 oz. Diet Coke coupons that we rountinely get from MyCokeRewards, along with two of the MCR Powerade coupons.  The panko breadcrumbs (hands-down the best breadcrumbs on Planet Earth) were BOGO , and the Duncan Hines pareve carrot cake mix was free. The Smuckers sugar-free raspberry preserves are going to go into my next Rhodes guest-post recipe: sufganiyot made with Rhodes dough.  My pre-coupon total was $54.  After redeeming my coupons, I ended spending almost $21 at Target, but I got the $10 gift card, so my net amount spent there was $11.

Those four 2-liter Diet Cokes in the back of the picture were from my brief stop at Family Dollar.  They were marked $1.25, but I got them for $0.75 each with the coupon I told you about here.  Total for the four bottles, $3.20 with tax.

For some reason, my little Victoria's Secret bag (over on the left) came out red in the photo. It is, of course, pink.  I hope you were also able to score some free lingerie tonight.  Lots of stores (like the one in Denver) ran out of the promotional item, so they let customers just pick out any that they wanted from one of the sale tables. The one I got for free would have cost $9.50.

Since I was at the mall anyway for the Victoria's Secret promo, I snagged a free sample of Visionnaire (pictured over on the left) from the Lancome counter at Macy's.  You can still get this high-end free sample...just click on the the Lancome Visionnaire banner image over on the right side of this blog (you may have to scroll down) ----->

Finally, I stopped very briefly at King Soopers to gas up the car and to make sure I got my free Toblerone bar before they ran out. I felt bad running my American Express card for a $0.03 charge, but I didn't have any cash on me.  I'm saving the Toblerone for when I need a little chocolate pick-me-up (in other words, any minute now).

Tonight's haul cost me $14.23 for about $70 worth of stuff.  It took a little more running around than I'm used to, but I think we did ok.  Brag over.

Got brag?  Let me know about it, send me a scan of your receipt or a picture of your haul (or both) and I'll happily post it!


  1. WOW. How do you do it? Your savvy and savings always amaze me! Can't wait to learn how to do it soon.

  2. Liat, you're so sweet (and good for my ego). Truth is, there was almost nothing here that I hadn't already shared on my blog. I share these "brags" so that readers can see that they can do this stuff too.

    I'm looking forward to the Omaha class too!


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