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More frugal finds at Ikea

love hate love getting emails from Ikea, but they tempt me too much to drive all the way to Centennial, where Colorado's new Ikea store is located. I suppose I should get there before all the holiday craziness starts.

Given that my previous posts on funcheapstuff at Ikea were among my most popular (here and here), I'll share my shopping list with you.  I'm not crazy about Ikea furniture, but their housewares department can not be beat.  Look at my latest Ikea frugal finds in housewares:

This stunning blue glass thing is a carafe. Mouth blown, drip free spout, dishwasher-safe.  I love it. And it totally matches my blue Shabbos china.  $12.99.  Also comes in gray.

Three-tier dessert plates are incredibly useful and save space on your table. I actually own two of them already, but in china, not glass.  We've got a small dining room and a way-too-small table (there's never enough room) so I actually use these for side dishes, like kugels or souffles.  I've never seen such a classic, pretty one for so little money:  $14.99.  I'm getting one for now, one for Passover.

An 8x10, dishwasher safe, stainless steel roasting pan with handles for how much?  $9.99?  I'll take two for now, two for Passover, please.  (Or, if I were insane, I can just pick up this Mauviel stainless steel pan for $180)

This four-piece baking/serving set is oven-safe, microwave-safe and dishwasher safe.  That's crazyuseful.  And $9.99.  One for meat, one for dairy.

$1.49 for six of these stackable, dishwasher-safe 6 oz. glasses?  Omigosh, that's $0.25 per glass, insanely cheap. I have plasticware that costs more than that.  At the rate that we break drinking glasses, I am seriously tempted to buy five packs of these and just keep them in the garage.

That's it for me. Find anything fabulously frugal in Ikea's housewares lately?  Comment away.


  1. This was a really great post. I love IKEA. Check out this carafe. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50144586/

  2. We've got those glasses - for juice in the morning. They are pretty sturdy actually. I even let my 2 yo drink from them. I also love their plain white dinnerware. Definitely getting more the next time we're at an Ikea. (Maybe a roadtrip to Denver is in order!)

  3. I've had those glasses for four years. We are down from 12 to 9, but those 3 broke in the last three months (and due to mishandling). Love those glasses. I look forward to buying more.

  4. I want those glasses! Why is there not an Ikea near me. Our closest is Chicago - does that make the drive to Centennial better?

  5. I'm behind on your blog, but how timely. I'm thinking of a run to IKEA this week to add/replace some things.


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