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Safety-certified Shabbos Safe Hot Plate for $84.95

We all remember the tragedy that took place over a year ago to a family in New York, when a standard Shabbos hot plate caught fire.  Ever since that terrible incident, families have been searching for a solution to heating up solid food on Shabbos that is both halachic and also meets high safety standards.  Unfortunately. most standard hot plates out there were not meant to be kept on for 25 hours straight and might pose a safety danger if kept on that long.

A company called Kosher Image (distributors of the Kosher Lamp) has come out with a brand new item: the Shabbos Safe Hot Plate.  It will be available to ship very shortly (approximately 6/27/16), but you can order it now for $84.95 + $6.80 shipping =  $91.75 shipped and it will ship as soon as they are stocked.

(You may be familiar with the Shabbos Safe Hot Plate from the highly-successful Kickstarter campaign that it ran last year. The Shabbos Safe Hot Plate is now fully funded and safety-certified.)

This appliance has 5 things going for it:  functionality, safety, halachic approval, aesthetics (it's a beautiful brushed stainless design), and kasherability.

The halachic details and Rabbinic approval for this Shabbos Safe Hot Plate are over here (scroll down to "Approved by Major Poskim").  As ususal, whenever a halachic issue is discussed on DailyCheapskate, please remember that I am not Rabbi Internet and that all matters of halacha should be discussed with your personal halachic authority!
  • Surface Size: 21-1/4" x 16-1/8" inches
  • Quality manufactured with full ETL Safety Testing Certifications
  • Built-in thermal and amperage safety circuit breakers
  • Revolutionary patent-pending design engineered for long term use
  • Safe, reliable and energy efficient
  • Hassle-free operation: simply plug it in!
  • Beautiful and durable brushed stainless steel housing
  • Approved by all Halachic standards for Shabbos and Yom Tov use
  • Laboratory-tested and significantly safer than traditional designs
  • Heating surface separated from heating element, so the surface is functionally a blech
  • Warm your meals with high heat and low power; conserve energy & save money
  • Raised legs for safe use on any flat surface (table, counter, kitchen-top)
  • Easy-to-clean, kasherable, and extra-wide heating surface
  • Industrial heat-resistant electric cord
  • Power connection: 3-pin polarized ground plug
  • Unit Power: 110 Volts AC, 2 Amps, 230 Watts
This special hot plate was designed to be used by the Shomer-Shabbos consumer, and can stay on for over 24 hours.  It's special solid metal housing is easy to clean and kasherable, so you won't need to buy a new, separate hot plate for Pesach.  It has only one temperature setting and there are no knobs, so to turn it on, you basically just plug it in.  It can easily accommodate two 9" x 12" pans on its wide surface.

I ordered mine, and compared to other uncertified hot plates out there, it is a steal at under $100 shipped.  Order your Shabbos Safe Hot Plate while the price is still this low: $84.95 + $6.80 shipping =  $91.75 shipped.

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