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SOLD OUT: Brand new Dyson DC40 Vacuum for $199.99 with free shipping

If you've been reading Daily Cheapskate for a while, you must know what a huge Dyson fan I am.  Investing in a Dyson has completely transformed the level of cleanliness in our house.  Dysons are AMAZING.

But I do understand that not everyone can afford to spend $300-$400 on a vacuum cleaner, no matter how great it is.

Shopko.com has got a brand NEW (NOT refurbished) Dyson DC40 vacuum for $199.99 with free shipping.  Wow.  Just wow.

Be aware that because of the pricing, this is a very limited time offer (meaning they can withdraw it at any time).


Description:  The DC40 is a lightweight upright vacuum featuring Dyson Ball™ technology; enabling it to navigate around furniture and tight spaces. This product comes in a new and factory sealed carton, featuring Radial Root Cyclone™ technology, which means it has remodeled airflows to maximize suction power. A mesh shroud helps separate large debris while inner cyclones generate powerful centrifugal forces, extracting microscopic particles like pollen and mold, all with no loss of suction. It also features a self-adjusting cleaner head-base plate automatically adapts to all floor surfaces, creating a seal to remove dust from carpets and hard floors, while protecting delicate surfaces. Long bristles penetrate deep into carpet, while shorter bristles remove surface dust, fibers and pet hair. It is engineered with materials selected for their strength and durability. Includes combination tool that has soft bristles for gentle dusting and stair tool. 5 year warranty, parts and labor.

  • Radial Root Cyclone™ technology-airflows remodeled to maximize suction power.
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head-creates an efficient seal with every floor type, reducing air leaks and maintaining suction power.
  • Ball™ technology-housing more components inside the ball reduces clutter around it - steers right up to edges and into difficult places.
  • Instant release wand-wand and and hose stretch up to 5 times in length for stairs and hard to reach places.
  • Captures allergens, expels cleaner air-DC40 captures microscopic particles such as pollen, mold and bacteria.
  • Motorized brush bar-independent motor drives the brush bar for better cleaning performance. It's also easy to maintain.
  • Fingertip controls-instantly turn the motorized brush bar off for hard floors, delicate floors and rugs.
  • No extra costs-washable lifetime filter. No belts to replace. Timing belt doesn't slip and is guaranteed for 5 years
  • 5 year warranty-parts and labor guaranteed by Dyson
  • This product is new and comes in a factory sealed carton.
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