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More early Passover deals

I hope you were able to take advantage of some of the Pesach deals I posted back here, as three days later, nearly all of them are now sold out!  (See, the early bird really does catch that worm...)

I found a few more nice early deals on Kosher La'Pesach products on Amazon.  Catch that worm....

Osem Mediterranean Pickles (medium), 19 oz. cans, pack of 12, $16.47 ($1.38 per can). You will see $19.38 as the price listed, but ignore that.  Select the Subscribe & Save option to snag the $16.47 price.  Remember to unsubscribe from Subscribe & Save after your order ships, very easily done by going to your Amazon account settings. You can split up the 12 cans with friends or not...I bought this just for us, because we buy these delicious Israeli pickles year-round and I don't mind stockpiling them at this price.

Osem Mediterranean Green Olives, 19.6 oz.cans, pack of 12, $31.38 $26.67 ($2.62 $2.23 per can). UPDATE: there is now a Subscribe & Save option for this item, dropping the price by 15%. Make sure you unsubscribe from this after your item ships.  Not a supercheap deal, but still way less expensive than the store, which stocks them for $3.50 even when it's not Passover.

Savion Roasted Garlic Flavor Couscous made with 18-minute matzoh, 5.50 oz., pack of 6, $22.14 ($3.69 per box).  Funny story about this product:  I first had it when I was a Pesach guest at a new friend's home in Oceanside.  I didn't know her very well (I have since gotten to be very close friends with her and her family), and the couscous that she served was so outstanding, I almost thought she had accidentally served chametz.  This stuff is made with 18-minute matzoh meal and is so good, it's worth twice this price.  I've seen it in the stores for $4.50+.

Gefen KLP Onion Powder, 2.25 oz., pack of 8, $12.80 or $1.60 each.  Pesach spices generally go for $2 each in most stores. Since no one uses 8 jars of onion powder in 8 days (unless you know something I don't), you will definitely want to split this one with friends, unless you decide to stockpile it for future years.

Finally, here are the four items from my previous early-bird Pesach post that are still not sold out yet.

1 comment:

  1. Freydie2/26/2012

    Omigosh, that Couscous is $5.50 a box in our store! And we love it because we only eat the 18 minute matzoh plus it tastes incredible. Buying 12 of them! Thank you!


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