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Frugal consumers interact...and companies respond

I am a pretty vocal consumer.  When I like a product, the company hears about it.  When I don't like a product, they hear about it as well.  Nowadays, with every major consumer product company having a web presence. a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile and an email address or contact form, getting in touch with companies is easy.

With nearly every contact, I get a response.  The smaller food companies will always get back to me quickly, and the larger companies usually have someone in charge of consumer inquiries, and get back to me within a week or so.  With nearly every contact, I usually get a (snailmail) letter and a coupon(s).  Most of the coupons you get this way are not available anywhere else, and are usually very high value with a long expiration date (some have no expiration date at all).  Some are for completely free products.  My most recent acquisitions are from Bush's Baked Beans, Smart Balance margarine, and Manischewitz.  All were high value coupons that were immediately put to use, except for the Manischewitz $3 off any product ones (I got two), which will come in very handy when I start my Passover shopping.

I'm not suggesting that you write to companies just to get coupons.  I'm suggesting that you give feedback on things you like to eat (or don't), and the companies will respond in kind.  I wouldn't send a message like "your cookies are really good." Tell the companies why you like them, how your kids who won't eat anything will eat their stuff, how convenient their packaging is, how you like that their ingredients are healthy and  contain no trans-fats etc.  Give them useful feedback. 

Let me know if you have any good (or not so good) experiences with your consumer interactions.

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